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Tristan Thompson’s First Baby Mama Comes For Khloé Over How Her Son Is Treated When He's With Her & Tristan

Hm. We buy this. At least we think we do.

Radar Online is reporting that Jordan Craig, Tristan Thompson’s ex and the mother of his son, Prince, is reportedly majorly ticked off over the amount of influence his—uh, still-girlfriend, we guess?—Khloé Kardashian seems to hold over her one-year-old.

“Khloé’s overstepping the bounds with Jordan’s son Prince and Jordan wants her to knock it off before there’s a problem,” a source shared.

“Khloé’s been sending him home with designer clothes, expensive toys and just spoiling him,” they continued. “She’s even taken family pictures with Prince and that really pissed Jordan off.”

Incidentally, Tristan recently angered Jordan by posting photos showing him with their 18-month-old son Prince, alongside 10-week-old True, his newborn daughter with the jeans designer.

Fans loved the adorable photos, but Tristan's former fiancée is angry seeing her ex and Khloe playing happy family with her son.

“Jordan knows this is not Tristan’s doing,” they stated, pointing out that prior to welcoming True in April, the NBA baller “was basically an absentee father.”

“Jordan feels like Khloé’s using her son to keep Tristan close to her and Jordan is not about to let that happen,” the secret-spiller went on to note. “She’s not cool with Prince being used by Khloé and her family.”

She has a plan though.

“She’s told Tristan that he’s welcome to see his son but if and when he does that, she wants him to come to her,” they concluded.

What do you think? Is Khloé doing way too much with Prince? Or do you think she’s just making sure she treats her daughter True and Tristan’s son fairly?

Jordan previously chimed in on the reality star’s decision to stick with her cheating beau (among other topics).

"Tristan is pretty much an absent father, although he regularly pays his child support, that is something he can’t be faulted for. But when it comes to parenting of his son, it’s pretty much all on Jordan," a source had confessed. "Of course, Jordan wishes Tristan was more present in Prince’s life, but it is what it is. Jordan accepts that it’s all about Tristan and that basically, he’s like a big kid, so she really can’t expect too much more from him.”

"Jordan is fascinated with the woman Tristan left her for and is still trying to understand what he sees in Khloé," an insider also once explained. 

"Jordan lives for the baby mama drama, but she tries not to be resentful of Khloé. — It’s not like she wants Khloé’s relationship with Tristan to fail or anything, but she can’t imagine them ever having a happy ending unless he seriously changes his ways. So Jordan gets a kick out of watching them try to keep it all together."

Back in May, both Khloé and Jordan celebrated Mother’s Day by debuting photos of their respective children on social media…but she wasn’t trying to steal Khloé’s thunder.

💙Oh My Little P! Today is “Mother’s Day” to the world...but my day couldn’t begin without making sure I put a smile on your face first💙

“Jordan had no agenda when she posted the photo of her son; she posted it because she wanted to and didn’t see why she shouldn’t. As far as Jordan is concerned, the world does not revolve around Khloé Kardashian, and if she wants to post a photo of her son, then she will, as she has every right to.”

Mommy’s Little Love

Sounds like it’s still a little bit of a mess over in Kardashian Land.

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