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‘Love And Hip-Hop: Atlanta’ Star Jessica Dime Learns The Gender Of Her Unborn Baby In This Touching Video

We have all been able to tune in and see what is happening in Jessica Dime’s pregnancy journey on this season of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta. How amazing is that?

First, we saw Dime and Shawne discover that they had a baby on the way. Then, we saw her first doctor’s appointment, when she had an ultrasound. The cameras were also rolling when Dime’s mother found out she was going to be grandma. 

Now, we get to witness Jessica find out the gender of her first baby.

It is exciting!

Dime showed up to a gym and from the look on Joc’s face when she walked through the door, it seems like some of her closest buddies were in the dark about her bun in the oven. Shawne has two surprises for the love of his life…a special guest and this exciting news! Surrounded by their friends and family by their side, it is revealed that the Williams family will be welcoming…a girl.

Congrats to Jessica and Shawn! Bet that little girl will be adorable.

Watch the adorable gender reveal below: 

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta

Oh and the reality star’s baby shower was really something else!

Some were a bit suspicious of her pregnancy timeline a few months ago…

Jessica previously revealed that she was expecting on LHHA; the episode had centered on the passing of Rod “Shooter” Gates’ son. Footage of the funeral (which took place about seven months before it aired) was worked in, which led many to wonder why Jessica wasn’t looking more, um, bumpy?

This, coupled with way less selfies and snaps than normal on her Instagram account, made some question the details.

She’s glowing congrats @iamdimepiece it’s almost time 🍼🍼 #babyshower vibes!!!

Guess it is all good now though.

At one point, Jessica took a pregnancy test with her fiancé. She decided to keep this aww-worthy development hush-hush (from the other cast members at least) until after she passed the three-month mark.

(Though Shawne was out of town, Jessica had also powered through morning sickness to shoot a music video. Dang. )

✝️❤️😇= Prosperity

Last year, Jessica also expressed interest in filming a wedding special on Love and Hip-Hop: Atlanta. But, the rapper/former dancer admitted that it is out of her hands and urged supporters to ask for it.

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta airs on Mondays at 8/7c.

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