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Jesse Williams Is Getting Cancelled By The Internet After Tone Deaf Way He Announced New Movie Project

Oh Jesse. 

The Grey’s Anatomy star is getting dragged across the social media sphere. Why? He posted photos of Emmett Till and his mother.

But is the internet misinterpreting what he meant?

The manner in which he did this was a big factor in the outrage equation though. He opted to use the images in the form of the template of Nike's already-iconic popular black-and-white Colin Kaepernick meme, in an effort to promote his new film.

Really sir?

The actor/activist's apparent attempt at picking up publicity for his feature film directorial debut (in which, per Deadline, he will cinematically explore the aftermath of Till's tragic death) did not go down well, at all.

Actor-Activist #JesseWilliams is set to make his directorial debut in a new film about Emmett Till's mother. The drama will focus on Mamie Till's quest for justice following the death of her 14-year-old son.

If you’re not familiar with the story, the then-14-year-old boy had his life infamously taken away by white men for allegedly whistling at a white woman who, years later, renounced her story.

While this topic has been explored by previous projects, Jesse’s will chronicle the tale through the lens of Emmet’s mother, Mamie Mobley Till, as she seeks justice for her son's unjust and gut-wrenching killing.

"I'm honored to be directing the story of Mamie and Emmett: a tale of revolutionary defiance in the face of tremendous personal and public devastation," Jesse said. "An exploration of power and pulling back the curtain on cultural violence; of boyhood and maternity challenging America's reflex to hide from itself; underdogs refusing to pretend that terror is freedom."

The film, which is being produced by Whoopi Goldberg, is based on a screenplay by Michael Reilly and civil rights filmmaker Keith A. Beauchamp. Production for the flick, which is fully supported by the Till family, by the way, is set to begin in summer 2019.

While his intentions appear to be lovely, this particular “reveal” tactic left people scratching their heads.

One of the numerous meme-like posts featured a picture of Till's mother weeping over his casket; it was captioned, "Believe in something, even if it means sacrificing everything."

Take a look at the tone-deaf approach to unveiling the project, below:

#JesseWilliams is catching a lot of flack for this image he posted of #EmmettTill’s mom to promote his upcoming film #TILLthemovie

Yikes 🤯😱 Jesse Williams tweeted Nike memes of Emmitt Till's mom to promote the movie he is directing. Thoughts? 🤔 ----- #jessewilliams #nike #movie #meme #ars

Well, the Internet didn’t hesitate to let Jesse know that he had missed the mark by a long shot.

“I'm not gonna say Jesse Williams is cancelled, but I will say he messed up,” one perturbed fan quipped. 

“So Jesse Williams divorces a black woman and loses his good sense it seems...what is this?! Emmett Till wasn't a sacrifice he was [expletive] by white supremacy. (Also too many people liked this [expletive])” another mused.

Then there were these tweets….

Do you think that Jesse deserves all the criticism that is being tossed his way?

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