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Jesse Williams’ Estranged Wife Aryn Drake-Lee Reportedly Wants More Child Support

Jesse Williams' estranged wife, Aryn Drake-Lee, has filed new court documents requesting additional child support. Drake-Lee claims she's paying all the bills for their two children and wants Williams to help more financially.

The "Grey's Anatomy" actor was ordered by a judge  to pay $50,695 per month in child support earlier this year. However, Aryn claims that amount is just not cutting it.

Drake-Lee stated in court documents that the sum "falls way short of covering expenses" for their children - daughter Sadie, four and son Maceo, two.

Aryn claims she's paying "100% of the kids bills right now" and is requesting the amount be increased to $73,369 per month.

Jesse's estranged wife stated that he can afford to pay additional child support because he "makes at least $250k per Grey's Anatomy episode."

In addition, Aryn is also asking for $200k to cover her legal fees after Jesse agreed to pay $60,000 in January for her lawyers.

The ruling in January granted Jesse joint physical custody of the children, but increased the actor's child support from $33,000 to the $50,695.

Jesse was given custody of his children every other weekend, two days each week, as well as on Father's Day.

Jesse and Aryn called it quits last April after five years of marriage. The split was obviously not amicable, with rumors swirling the hunky actor had cheated on his wife.

In January, Williams was accused of introducing his children to his new girlfriend before the agreed upon time as outlined by the former couple's agreement.

Drake-Lee had stipulations for Williams in parenting their kids. This included agreed-upon nap times, the children only seeing "age appropriate viewing content," and that "neither parent will introduce a new intimate partner until the relationship has endured at least six months."

Drake-Lee isn't happy about the fact that Williams has been taking their two children to his new girlfriend's house since October. 

She stated they are so familiar with the woman that they call her 'Mama C.'"

Aryn also claimed her soon-to-be ex took their children on a vacation to Big Bear Mountain in California with his new girlfriend, who has not yet been identified.

Williams was reportedly dating his "Grey's Anatomy" co-star, 37-year-old Minka Kelly, but they reportedly split in January. Kelly repeatedly denied she was hooking up with a married man.

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