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Jennifer Williams Exposes ‘Basketball Wives’ Co-Star Shaunie O'Neal And Dragged Her Like You Won’t Believe

If you were wondering “Are Shaunie O’Neal and Jennifer Williams still cool after Jenn skipped out on attending the Basketball Wives reunion show?”

The answer is definitive no after Jennifer Williams’ latest interview with The Breakfast Club syndicated radio show. 

After a tough season on Basketball Wives where she was on the cause of a several big rumors that shook up the cast, Jenn is trying to change the narrative and give her side of the drama. 

Not only is Williams standing her ground that she’s not source behind said rumors, she opted to also come for executive producer/co-star Shaunie O’Neal.

Let her tell it, Shaunie O’Neal isn’t as wholesome as she pretends to be and thought O’Neal had it in for her this whole season.  

“She starts a lot of bull[expletive] behind the scenes,” Williams told Angela Yee, Charlamagne Tha God & DJ Envy 

Jenn then addressed the awkward moment during the reunion show where Tami Roman asked O’Neal if she ever told Evelyn about her inability to have children.

“It’s really interesting that Shaunie has selective memory. She couldn’t seem to remember if Tami had said those things, which had happened … She never wants to be in the middle of everything.”

When it comes to Shaunie saying Jennifer called Evelyn a mother to her daughter Shaniece… Williams says the Amsterdam confrontation was the first time she ever heard of that rumor. 

Shaunie was trying to say, ‘Oh, Jennifer said this … five years ago’ … I’ve known [Shaniece] since she was 6,” Williams tells the radio show Tuesday, Sept. 18. “I’ve never even seen Shaniece with a credit card, to be honest with you. So, one, that’s something I would never say. Shaunie … starts a lot of bulls[expletive]  behind the scenes. … If I said this five years ago and this is your girl, why, one, are you just now bringing it up? Two, why were you advocating for us to sit down and have a conversation last season. But now, this season, it’s something totally different.”

Jenn admits that the “amped-up ratchet antics” this past season might have been a result of a ratings drop the previous season. All of the extra drama this season has translated into more coins for Shaunie.

“The ratings have been out the room, which means that’s an extra check for Shaunie O’Neal.”

As far as skipping this year’s reunion show, Williams says she feared for her safety. Apparently when Malaysia threw that table at her in Amsterdam, a security member was injured. 

During her interview she said her lawyer sent a letter to the production staff the Friday before the reunion taping to let them know she wasn’t attending. 

After the production company received the letter, Jennifer claimed during the interview that production sat outside of her home to get her to film the union. They allegedly offered her extra security and to put in extra measures to keep her safe but she stood firm on her decision to not go. 

With all she’s been through this season, Williams ended by noting “I really just wanna move on,” despite being under contract.

In related news, Jennifer Williams is reportedly trying to get out of her Basketball Wives contract to join Real Housewives of Atlanta for their 11th season this November. 

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