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Jennifer Williams Has Reportedly Quit ‘Basketball Wives’ To Join This Popular Reality TV Franchise — Photos

Ugh, hard pass.

Too mean? Okay, sorry. Moving on.

Jennifer Williams from Basketball Wives has been approached to appear on Real Housewives of Atlanta, MTO News reports. 

Supposedly, producers are doing their best to bring Jennifer in as a last-minute addition to the cast because footage thus far has been "boring”, according to two members of the production team. 

"The [Girls] trip to Japan was a disaster. Nothing happened. The most exciting thing that happened was karaoke and some twerking. We have to shake things up,” one confessed.

Oh and she has supposedly already begun filming. Yup. She reportedly did a scene with Nene and Cynthia in Los Angeles recently.

Plus, the trio met up at the Sofitel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills hotel to watch in a show in what appeared to be the lobby.

“Catchin’ up with my ATL boos @neneleakes @cynthiabaliey10 💋💋💋💋,” Jennifer captioned a snap of herself posing outside the building with the RHOA stars.  

Williams also shared the love between the RHOA beauties separately giving a shout out to Nene — “Big sis @neneleakes got me in these streets” and Cynthia — “My supermodel friend who I adore @cynthiabailey10.”

It's not clear whether the two sides have reached a final agreement on Jennifer's status for this season of RHOA, but MTO News reports she will be on the show.

Um. Sure. No one seems all that happy with her of late with the Basketball Wives crew, so bowing out makes sense. No?

People all across the gossip-sphere have been tearing her apart online over refusal to own up to some negative remarks she made about her Evelyn’s daughter. She was recently confronted by Malaysia Pargo and Shaunie O’Neal.

The bickering with Malaysia ended when she threw a table at Jennifer, after she exclaimed she was sick of her co-star’s “lying.” 

Even Shaunie ripped into her!

Fans also took aim at Jennifer as they watched the drama unfold.

“I really hope this table connects. I’ll donate money to Malaysia if she gets sued. #BasketballWives.”

“Yo Malaysia said ‘i will take that penitentiary chance [expletive]-‘ lmao she is nuffin to play with #BasketballWives.”

“Jennifer loves to be like ‘tell me the story I told you’ so she can hear it and tweak it parts of it #BasketballWives.”


Whatever. It seems that Jennifer chose to quit Basketball Wives mid-season; during an argument with Shaunie and Evelyn, she apparently stormed off set. She also did not attend the reunion show either. 

So, would you be more willing to tune into RHOA if Jennifer Williams was sure to pop up on-camera?

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