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‘The Real’ Co-Host Jeannie Mai Breaks Silence On Rumored Relationship With Jeezy — Video

Are Jeannie Mai & Jeezy An Item?

The question that has made headlines on the gossip blogs finally gets an answer. 

The Real Co-host and the Atlanta rapper got linked together after Kardashian family friend Malika Haqq posted a club picture with some of her closet friends, Lori Harvey and Jeannie Mai.  

Behind Haqq and Harvey are their boyfriends, (rapper O.T. Genesis & Trey Songz respectively) and Mai is seen posted up in front of Jeezy. 

The internet fodder got going after people saw Malika’s “3’s company” caption for the picture which is a tongue-in-cheek reference to an 80’s sitcom. 

Not long after the photo made the rounds, Mai fans began hopping for the potential relationship with Jeezy following her disastrous split from ex-husband, Freddy Harteis, who allegedly had a child with another woman right around the time they officially divorced.

Jeannie has been open about the ugliness that has transpired between her and Freddy in the midst of their divorce, where she once claimed, “You don’t truly know a person until they don’t get what they want,” about Harteis during an October 2018 episode of The Real.

(Per The Blast, the two finally settled their divorce in early January 2019 as Jeannie retained ownership of their $1.2 million Los Angeles mansion). 

So after all of the headlines seeking answers for a potential Jeannie Mai/Jeezy relationship, the TV personality decided to shed some light on her relationship with the “Soul Survivor” rapper. 

During the "Girl Chat" segment of The Real, Jeannie (jokingly) put Malika on blast for putting her out there before confirming YES… she is dating Jeezy. She made sure to mention though, their relationship is “unlabeled” at this time as they are casually seeing each other.

"You guys know that I'm multi-dating, right? And Jeezy and I hang out," she said. "He's very special to me. So, we don't have a label to define what it is we're doing. We're just having a good time together, you know?"

She added: “I promise you that when there is that special boo, you will be the first to know from me, unless Malika goes TMZ on me again!”

You can watch Jeannie explain her romance with Jeezy, below:

Below is the photo shared by Malika Haqq that got the Jeannie/Jeezy romance rumors going:

The relatively private Jeezy has been linked to a few famous women in the past including singer Keyshia Cole.

Would you be here for a Jeannie & Jeezy relationship? 

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