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Jay-Z Finally Breaks Silence About Alleged Secret Son's Request To Take A DNA Test

Hov is finally going there!

Jay-Z has finally addressed the rumors that he is the father of a 'secret son' named Rymir Satterthwaite in a new track, “Heard About Us,” from his joint album with Beyoncé.

This is a continuance of a recent trend where Hov & Queen Bey have been revealing more and more family-related and personal information in their music the last 2 years.  

Jay reportedly hooked up with Rymir's mother back in Brooklyn, but Satterthwaite has failed at every attempt to have the rapper take a paternity test. 

Rymir has been trying to prove that the rapper is his father since 2010.

Satterthwaite's mother, Wanda, reportedly hooked up with the rapper when she was just a teenager in 1992. She became pregnant and gave birth to Rymir.

The rumors that Rymir is Jay-Z's love child from the fling have swirled for years, resulting in the rapper finally attempting to put them to rest. 

In the new track, Jay-Z raps, "Billie Jean in his prime/ For the thousand time, the kid ain’t mine. Online they call me Dad, kiddingly/ You’re not supposed to take this dad thing literally."

Hova references Michael Jackson's famous paternity battle (Billie Jean) in proving his case, even taking a mild shot at millennial culture for being absorbed by the pseudo-psychological use of the word "Daddy."

Beyoncé can be heard laughing in the background of the track when her husband delivers the lines about his love child.

Satterthwaite is a 24-year-old aspiring rapper who's believes that Jay is his biological father.

Rymir has insisted he isn't trying to seek financial gain from Jay-Z. He simply wants to know the truth.

He told The Sun, "I don’t want anything like that from Jay-Z. I just want him to finally tell the truth to the world. He’s supposed to be a positive role model for our community - he stands there screaming ‘Black Lives Matter’ - well tell the truth and take responsibility."

Rymir and his mother have accused Jay-Z of hiding behind lawyers in order to dodge taking a paternity test.
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Rymir’s case will reportedly be heard in the Family Civil Liberties Union court in December 2018.

Jay's album with Beyoncé was announced during the Carters' show at London Stadium on Saturday, June 16.

The content of the album addresses cheating rumors that were featured on Bey's Lemonade album and again on Hov's 4:44 album. 
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