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The Internet Is Dragging Rasheeda & Kirk Frost After Former Mistress Jasmine Shades Them With New Picture

Ok. Um. Wow. Where do we even begin?

A new Instagram post form Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star Jasmine Washington is getting Rasheeda Frost and her husband dragged for the way they’ve handled the baby mama drama. 

As we all know by now, Kirk Frost cheated Rasheeda with Washington and got the 28-year-old pregnant with their now 2-year-old son, Kannon. 

It took Frost almost two years to take a simple paternity test, which confirmed he is the father.

However, it wasn’t until a few months ago that we learned Kirk Frost finally met Kannon as he pledged to be more present in the toddler’s life. 

Fans went after Kirk then as they found it disgusting that he had to be forced by his daughter Kelsie to go see his two-year-old son.

While Kirk (and Rasheeda) reportedly provides financial support for Baby Kannon, appearently he’s still not a permanent fixture in his son’s like as Jasmine’s boyfriend (Rodney Bullock) continues to play the father figure role. 

In a new post on Instagram, Jasmine blasted Kirk for being an absentee father. 

The former dancer shared a photo of her boyfriend spending time with her son Kannon.

She captioned it: “I dnt give you enough credit. & I know I dnt say it often enough; thank you for being there when you really dnt have to be @iamrodbullock 💙 #seventwentysix.”

See the adorable (and shady) post below:
I dnt give you enough credit. & I know I dnt say it often enough; thank you for being there when you really dnt have to be @iamrodbullock 💙 #seventwentysix

The internet flooded Jasmine’s comment section to blast Kirk (and Rasheeda) for not being present in his two-year-old’s life. 

“I love how he has stepped in when that other person chose not to,” a follower commented.

“Blessings a father isn’t only made up of DNA,” another added.

Another person shared: “Don’t ever think another man is not going to help you when it comes to your child Respect it’s a beautiful thing other females don’t have this @jasminebleu I respect you for this @iamrodbullock that’s was up a real one we learn from our mistakes and I’m very sure jasmine has learned that and she appreciates you 😍😍😍😍 kids are innocent.”

This fourth said: “Man yall kill me like this girl is supposed to have a damn “family” w Kirk. kerk… w.e …they both knew what tf was gonna happen if they had a baby. She can’t be expecting [ish] out of that man tbh because you knew you were most likely gonna be a single mom so why keep acting so surprised that your son is not able to have yall both at the same time you made your bed so lay in it and stop being so damn extra damn.”

Anybody with a 2yr old knows that taking a decent pic is the hardest thing EVER! Nonetheless, happy birthday to my handsome! Mommy loves you! 🎈🎈

This fifth fan revealed: “Thank you so much for reals @iamrodbullock that’s deep right there 😍 keep on being there he will only know u as his father nobody else. All children should have a positive man in their lives biological r not so many children lack that my boys did so I’m just happy to see a man who is spending time and showing love ❤️ to a child period much love n blessings!!!! @jasminebleu.”

Jasmine Washington did apologize to Rasheeda during the Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta reunion for sleeping with her husband despite knowing he was married. 

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