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‘LHHA’ Star Jasmine Washington Addresses Kirk & Rasheeda’s Behavior When It Comes To Her Son Kannon In Emotional Video

Jasmine Washington slept with married Kirk Frost and had his child, but she still wants her son Kannon to be a part of Kirk and his wife Rasheeda's life. 

In the latest episode of "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta", Tia Becca goes jewelry shopping with Just Brittany and Jasmine. 

During their outing, Washington became emotional as she discussed trying to reach out to Rasheeda to apologize.

The former stripper explained, "Because I have a child with a married man, people think I’m drama, I’m stress when it’s really the complete opposite. I’ve reached out to Rasheeda via a letter…it is a very hard conversation to have, but I feel like I should be going to her to clear the air with her."

Rasheeda made it very clear in the past that she wanted nothing to do with her husband's former mistress.

Jasmine has also confided in her co-stars about Kirk making empty promises that he never follows through on.

Washington also claims that she hasn't been able to get Kirk to visit their son. 

Fans weighed in on Jasmine's dilemma in the comments section:

One follower wrote, "I’m just going by what I see on the show but from what I see Kirk need to get his [expletive] together. What’s done is done, just be there wholeheartedly for the child... not just financially. It takes more than money to raise a child. Besides this little fella is sooooo handsome."

Another fan commented, "He is so adorable... Hope Kirk comes to his senses and spends some quality time with him. You both made a mistake in getting together but this boy should not have to suffer for it... His wife puts up with everything else, she should be ok with him co-parenting..."

Jasmine is also annoyed that Kirk is always sharing photos of his two sons - Ky and Karter — on social media. However, he never includes their son Kannon. 

Jasmine is still determined to talk to Rasheeda and try to make amends. Kirk has asked Jasmine to leave Rasheeda alone. 

Rasheeda recently opened up about trying to keep some of her life private, despite appearing on reality TV.

She explained: "It is really hard to protect anything in the world we live in today. Social media allows people to judge you and try to talk you out of your damn goals and dreams while they’re sitting at home pushing buttons and probably not doing anything for themselves. But, at the end of the day, I just try to live my life for me and not take in all of the things that people say. I ignore the comments, most of the time. I just continue to press forward knowing that I can’t please everyone. I focus on what I need to do to be happy and successful and not what everybody thinks I need to do. People aren’t always going to agree with me, but many of them haven’t been through what I have been through."

Despite the cheating scandal, it seems that Rasheeda has forgiven Kirk and they are working on their marriage.

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