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Iyanla Vanzant Pops All The Way Off On Tamar As She Unlocks The Braxton Family's Biggest Issue — Video

This is uncomfortable to watch…

Iyanla Vanzant seriously clashed with the Braxton family during the heavily-teased season finale of their WEtv reality series, Braxton Family Values

The inspirational speaker and TV personality is well-known for her intriguing methods on making people realize how their past affects their present. So, she was brought in to help repair the very severed relationships of Traci, Trina, Toni, Towanda, Tamar and their parents, Evelyn and Michael.

Ultimately, it did not go well.

But before all of the drama started up every which way, the infamous life coach honed in on what she believes to be the family's overarching pattern…miscommunication.

In a group therapy session with the Fix My Life hostess, the Braxtons found themselves in a vulnerable state, after Iyanla pointed out that they often don’t tell the truth to one another when it is especially necessary.

"Let me just talk about communication," she told them. "I don't get a sense that you always express what you want to say, that you don't ask for what you need and then get mad when you don't get it."

After all of the ladies and their parents agreed with her assessment, Towanda shared a moment regarding their parents' divorce that left them all scarred since childhood — which they seemingly had not openly discussed until the filming of this segment.

Give it a watch.

In another scene, things became extremely intense when Iyanla confronted the entire Braxton family and exchanged words with Tamar Braxton.

It does seem that a lot of ground was covered though, right? But that didn’t stop Tamar from reportedly walking out in the middle of the session. Before long, the songstress, with help of her friend, bashed Iyanla on Twitter, calling her “the Devil” and referring to her by her government name, Rhonda.

Tamar actually explained this move during an appearance on The Wendy Williams Show. recently.

“A lot of things happened in my childhood that I was too afraid to talk about," Tamar shared. "The truth of the matter is I have been molested by both sides of my family and it’s nothing I ever talked about and nothing I ever thought that I would sit around the table with Iyanla who’s here to talk about me and my sisters and their problems and to bring that up and shamed me basically in front of everybody. So, that’s why I got up and walked out”.

According to, Iyanla may take legal action for defamation against the network and the production company.

Why? First for Tamar’s claims that the family appeared on her series Iyanla: Fix My Life when, in actuality, Iyanla was appearing on Braxton Family Values . And then there is the fact that Tamar trashed Iyanla online.

“Referring to Iyanla as a ‘fake’ and a ‘fraud’ could have serious implications on the casting process for Iyanla Fix My Life and her reputation in general. it’s her duty to protect her reputation, brand and OWN’s brand. At this point, this is defamation and there should be consequences.”

Part two of the Braxton Family Values finale airs next Thursday.

Do you think Iyanla is correct in her analysis though?

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