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This 'Basketball Wives' Star Learned Her Husband Slept With 341 Women During Their Relationship — Video

ICYMI: Is this the point of no return?

A recent episode of Iyanla: Fix My Life might have been the craziest one that’s ever aired.

If you have ever watched Basketball Wives, I’m sure you are familiar with the marital struggles between Brandi Maxiell and retired Detroit Pistons player Jason Maxiell 

Now that Iyanla was summoned to help save their marriage, we now know the extent of Jason’s philandering as the couple aired all of their business on the OWN TV show recently. 

Together for 17 years now, Brandi and Jason met as high school sweethearts. When Brandi was 24, she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and with the grace of God, able to beat it. Though Jason outwardly supported and stood by his wife through the cancer battle, he was apparently keeping all types of secrets.

As it turns out, the former NBA baller had affairs with multiple women.

Now you’re sitting there like “Vincent, we already know that.”

While that’s true, what you didn’t know was how many women it was and how long he was doing it. 

During one of many upsetting scenes, Brandi learns from Jason that he has cheated on her throughout their entire 17-year relationship.

And while that may be a fact Brandi was aware of, what she didn’t know is that Jason has slept with more than 50 different women, since they tied the knot in 2010. The grand total of women Jason has slept with during their entire relationship is actually 341.

Yes, you read that right: 341 Women. 

In another clip, Brandi is (understandably) shaken up by the revelation of him sleeping with 50 women since they walked down the aisle. She was under the impression he had only sleep with 8 women — a number Iyanla pointed out shouldn’t have been acceptable to her anyway. Jason sat their emotionless as his wife held back tears before breaking down and walking off set.

In a one-on-one conversation with Iyanla later on, Jason breaks down as he sees he’s the generational pattern of dysfunction among men in his family.

As you’re about to see, the 35-year-old talks about providing as his definition of love before pointing out how he his grandfather and other men around him break down when the women in their lives got sick.

So in other words, during Brandi’s aforementioned cancer battle, Jason stood by her side and continued to see other women because he thought being there for Brandi throughout the diagnosis and treatment showed he still loved her. 

In case you’re wondering, Iyanla hit Brandi with some tough questions that she needed to hear. 

The life coach also Brandi why would you continue to stay with a man who obviously has no respect for their vows. 

Brandi quickly answers it’s because she said “I do,” but reveals her history of witnessing abuse in a marriage and normalizing said behavior.

And it’s that dysfunction Iyanla works to unpack with her in the clip below:

Is the marriage even worth saving in your opinion?

Iyanla: Fix My Life airs Saturday nights at 9 pm on OWN.

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