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Tyga Reportedly Attempts To Get A Photo Of Kylie Jenner’s Baby To Prove He’s The Father Instead Of Travis Scott

Someone needs to take Tyga aside and tell him to tap out. Or have him call up Maury!

The rapper seems to be trying to see if Kylie’s newborn daughter, Stormi, looks like him.

Hollywood Life is saying that Tyga insists that he sees a picture of Stormi’s face in an attempt to prove that she is his daughter and not Travis’.

“Tyga had heard through the grapevine that Stormi looked a lot like his little son King when he was a newborn.”

“Tyga wants to see for himself. He’s trying to get a picture so he can get eyes on Kylie’s little girl and be the judge.”

stormi webster 👼🏽

It was also being said that Tyga has been trying to get Kris Jenner to show him a picture of the baby, but she refuses. She stopped taking Tyga’s calls and now Tyga is angrier than ever. He’s now supposedly bugging Scott Disick, begging him to send a snap along.


Well, this isn’t out of nowhere, to be fair.

"Tyga has maintained his connection to Kylie as she approaches the final days of her pregnancy. In his mind, Tyga feels that there is still a fair possibility that the baby could even be his." 
An insider continued, "While Kylie has assured him that is not the case, Tyga has made it clear to her that he’s not above demanding a paternity test, especially if the baby looks at all like him, once the baby arrives."

Kylie and Tyga reportedly broke up a mere month before she linked up with Travis.

A source close to the rapper previously dished that "Tyga wants a DNA test because he really thinks that there is a chance this baby could be his."

"Tyga told friends that he was still sexually active with Kylie nine months ago, when this baby was likely conceived."
Another insider shared, "Tyga has become very emotional since learning of the birth of Kylie’s baby girl. He has so many questions, and most importantly he still wonders if there is a slim chance if that baby could be his."

"Tyga cannot keep living wondering if that baby Stormi could be his… he truly wants to know for sure so he can either man-up and be a good father, or move on once and for all."

Back in October, it was reported that he wanted a DNA test.

In a quickly-deleted Snapchat photo of an article announcing the baby news, he reportedly commented, “Hell nah that’s my kid.”

“He really believes this could be his baby,” a pal once told In Touch. “He is talking nonstop to his friends about this being his child. He will try to get Kylie to have a DNA test.”

Kylie is all squared away on this matter though.

“Kylie is sure the father is Travis. She was only with him at the time she got pregnant,” a source declared long ago.

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