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Meek Mill Gearing Up To Tell The Truth About His Split With Nicki Minaj? [PHOTO]

Meek Mill and Nicki Minaj's split has been in the headlines ever since the "Anaconda" rapper confirmed rumors of their breakup in January. The former couple have thrown shade at one another on social media, but both Mill and Minaj have remain tight-lipped about the reason behind their split.

Meek and Nicki ended their relationship during the time she was celebrating her birthday in Turks and Caicos. There were reports that the couple had a huge blow-up over Meek cheating with a woman named Sonye Rasool. However, Sonye denied those claims and even filed a defamation lawsuit against media outlets reporting the false news.

Others suggested Meek's behavior during Nicki's birthday celebrations were to blame. Sources claimed that Meek was hanging out with his friends and wasn't paying any attention to Nicki. She reportedly finally had enough and went nuclear on him. Mill was said to be angry and decided to leave the island. 

Fans have been curious as to what really caused the couple's split. There has always appeared to be much more behind the story. Will we be finally getting some insight into the demise of their relationship? 

Meek shared a photo of himself to Instagram on Thursday, appearing to suggest that he doesn't discuss their split because he doesn't want to "lie."

Mill wrote in the caption, "My life has been a big topic in this industry for a min now .... it's almost scary for me to do a interview because I don't know how to lie unless I have to . "Everyday a movie tho" wins & losses 😁😦 "I love it."

Is Mill ready to finally open up about their breakup and spill the tea on Nicki? 

The rapper's post comes on the heels of Rick Ross releasing his new album, which contains the song "Apple of My Eye." On the track, Ross raps that he tried to warn Meek about Nicki. 

The lyrics state, "I told Meek I wouldn't trust Nicki/Instead of beefing with your dog you just give him some distance."

Never forget about lil bruh and them!!! And this my big cuz 😁 #ratheryouthanme

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Is Meek ready to come clean about his split with Nicki now that some time has passed? We guess we'll have to wait and see!

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