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Tami Roman Sets The Record Straight On If She'll Return To ‘Basketball Wives’, Pregnancy Rumors & More

Would Tami Roman really come back to Basketball Wives, at this point?

Some felt that she was “disconnected” from her castmates throughout the seventh season of the show and only participated due to contractual negotiations. Hm.

In the end, many were left wondering if she’d even be open to doing season eight.

It seems she is getting more involved in the acting industry and is moving away from reality television. As viewers wondered what is next for her, she addressed their apprehensions via her Instagram Story using the Q&A feature.

Upon being asked if she would be popping up on BW screens again soon, she replied, “No comment”.

A follower then questioned her current dynamic with Shaunie, so she used a selfie of her using a filter with sunglasses which read “Cool” across both lenses.

Tami previously grappled with whether to marry her boyfriend Reggie Youngblood, but she ultimately opted not to. 

When being pressed as to whether she will be getting a ring soon, she explained, “I am [happy] even without the ring!”

Oh and she’s not expecting. 

And why hasn’t she fought with Jennifer Williams? “I don’t want to fight her. I’m focused on me,” Tami noted.
In regards to her next moves in television and movies, she wrote, “Announcements coming soon.” 

She did ask what the budget would be if she were to ever do a “veteran” stint on “Real World”.


“I’m unhappy because people just see me as one way. And that’s not to say that’s not who I am but that’s not only me,” she once told Pastor John Gray. “[…] I have been battling with what has been making my lifestyle comfortable but that hasn’t actually been making me as a person, on the inside, comfortable.”

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He then asked her why she chose to step back in front of the cameras, in that case.

“I don’t want to not be able to provide for my children. But now when I try to go out and have other opportunities and other revenue streams, people don’t want that girl associated with their projects.”

“And then it hurts my daughters that people think of me a certain way. My daughter Jazz does music.  It took us forever to get her signed because she’s my kid. It’s always a challenge but I don’t know how to make it better.”

“I’m successful at being the bad guy… I do a show with a lot of women who aren’t as necessarily supportive and empowering as I would like them to be. When people come into my space, challenging me, it really works me. It really sends me to the moon and sometimes I just don’t come back from it. And it’s wearing down on me emotionally.”

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Is it time for Tami to walk away from Basketball Wives permanently? Or should she stick around a while longer? 

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