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Rapper/Actor Ja Rule Is Reportedly In The Red With IRS After Not Paying Taxes In Several Years

Somewhere, 50 Cent is laughing hysterically...

The IRS has slapped Ja Rule with a tax lien for nearly $400,000 and is alleging that he failed to pay taxes from 2004 through 2015, BOSSIP is reporting,


The feds hit the rapper with the tax lien last month, for a total of $363,269 for income he earned in 2014 and 2015.

This seems to be a pattern.

In 2015, the IRS said he failed to pay $92,728 in back taxes for the year 2012; they also claim Ja didn’t pay an additional $89,913 in outstanding tax debt, this time for the tax year 2013. In 2013, the IRS insisted he owed $1.7 million for tax nonpayment from 2004 through 2008.

That is too much math for us. But yikes? Maybe hire someone to handle this, Ja?

As of this week, there was no evidence to suggest that Ja Rule had paid any of the taxes back, public records reveal.

Ready for some jokes about this? Because 50 Cent has some. Probably. 

Earlier this year, that long-standing feud boiled up once again.

Fiddy even posted some money-centric shade!

“When the checks stop and you go back to the hood, and everybody knows your broke. 🤷🏽♂️it’s not my fault,”…
Okay, so 50 Cent made an appearance on Big Boy’s Neighborhood show, during which Big Boy wondered whether 50 and Ja have had any contact. 

"One time we were on an airplane together. As soon as you get to the airport it becomes federal."

Big Boy then asked, "In 2018, if you see Ja Rule, it’s not like some on-sight type stuff?"

Fiddy replied, "I done put him to bed, B." 

Ja Rule later responded via tweet; "Fun hip hop FACT: @50cent is [expletive}..."  

A follower pondered if Ja remembered what happened last time. Ja replied by writing, "Yeah I do @50cent got beat up, stabbed and shot what do you remember???"

Oh and he wasn't done.

"Let’s be clear I mind my business... but for some reason @50cent keeps my name in his mouth... I think he’d rather have my [expletive] in his mouth [expletive]..."

"I own your soul @50cent 😂🤣😭 and EVERYONE sees it now... your my [expletive]!!![sic]

"And to all you journalist, bloggers, radio personalities DONT BE SCARED TO ASK @50cent why did he get an order of protection or did I whoop him out at the studio or did he talk to the feds."

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