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There's A Story Involving Future & An IG Model That Ends With Her Getting Stranded And You Need to Read It

An Instagram model named Shamartess Whitsett of Austin, Texas, put rapper Future on blast after he reportedly left her stranded in Los Angeles when she refused to hook up with him.

Shamartess claimed that Future, whose birth name is Nayvadius Wilborn, contacted her and wanted her to come visit him in Los Angeles after they spent time together in a recording studio in Miami.

Whitsett stated that she has been chatting with the rapper since March and he wanted to meet up with her in LA. She claims that she insisted on purchasing her ticket to fly out to visit him, but he promised to reimburse her the $550. 

Shamartess claims that he told her he'd pay her back "1000%", which she believed meant he would give her $5,500 in return.

She explained that he booked a room at the hotel for her and left the key at the front desk. She settled in and sent him a text. Future then called her on FaceTime and informed her she was supposed to be waiting on him in the room wearing lingerie. 

Future informed her that he had his son that day but he would break away to come see her, telling her to "Get [comfortable and put on some lingerie]."

Shamartess said, "I told him I wasn’t on that type of time. We talk but we don’t talk enough for me to [expletive] him."

Future responded by saying, "Catch you another time no worries." 

She replied by writing, "You ain't coming here?"

He responded by saying, "U playin'. SMH."

The woman left the hotel room to get something to eat, but discovered her room key wasn't working when she returned. Hotel employees informed her it wasn't working because she was supposed to check out that day. 

The Instagram model was upset that Future only booked a room for Saturday in order to have sleep with her, but kicked her out after her refusal. 

Shamartess was angry that he canceled her room and also wants him to cough up the money for her flight. 

Shamartess took to social media to whine about her alleged treatment by the rapper. However, most people felt she was a fool to believe he simply wanting to chill with her.

Shamartess went on to say, "I can say I'm not part of the collection. I just don't know where I will be in life and I'm not about to go around having sleep with [men] to get where I want to be...anything I do I work for it! It's cool though because I have my own money and I didn't do anything but book another room. I just want my coins..."

See Shamartess' account in full below: 

Future's fans began trolling the young woman, suggesting she wasn't all that bright to believe she was just going to 'hang out' with the rapper.

One person wrote, "She played her self 😂. He had a whole model/ r&b singer who was a boss had her own money and everything. He still didn't want her. Why she thinks she was any different. Not that type of girl you say? He only deals with girls that are [expletive]. He clearly didn't want to be serious or in a relationship with her. What she thought he wanted a friend? Now he about to say he never knew her and she lying on him watch."

Another person adds, "She thought he was flying her out and putting her up in a room and promising her $5k just to chill? Yeah right, put out or get out."

Would you have flown across the country for Future?

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