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Teyana Taylor Reacts To Reports Of Iman Shumpert Cheating With Drake's Baby Mama — Receipts Inside

Looks like Pusha T really shook up the industry this week!

Much of the hip-hop industry has put on their investigative hats in order to uncover more information on Drake’s alleged baby mama.

Pusha T aired Drake’s secret baby & baby mama out in his diss track, "The Story of Adidon," which led to several other famous men being outed for sleeping with former adult film star (and Drizzy's baby mama) Sophie Brussaux. Iman Shumpert's name was tossed in the mix and his wife hopped on Twitter to address the rumors!

Pusha apparently obtained the information from ASAP Rocky, who was also messing around with Sophie during the time she hooked up with Drake.

James Harden and Iman were also rumored to have been involved with Sophie, which led to Teyana's fans wondering if her man had cheated on her!

Teyana let her followers know that she was unbothered by the reports because Iman's dalliance with Sophie was before they even met. "No need to kill him in his sleep or get da strap," she tweeted on May 31. "Lol He dealt with her before him & I even personally knew one another! I ain’t got nothing to do with dat."

Shumpert had also taken to social media to address the rumors. He shared a post that read, "Dont believe this trash. All of me and her interactions were prior to me knowing my wife...let alone actually getting the chance at dating my wife. But now yall are just trying to make something guys are reaching because there's nothing to talk about. Get a life." 

As mentioned earlier, an insider revealed that ASAP Rocky had given Pusha the ammunition against Drake to use in his new track. However, Rocky claims he wasn't the snitch.

The source explained, "ASAP Rocky knew everything that was going on because he was still seeing Sophie even while she was pregnant."

The finger pointing tat Rocky comes at a bad time as the rapper recently dropped his new studio album, Testing on May 25, which was the same day Drake dropped his Pusha T diss track, “Duppy Freestyle.”

Another source shared, "Sophie was concerned because she didn’t know who the baby daddy was. It could have been ASAP Rocky, James Harden, Iman Shumpert or the Beyonce backup dancer she was seeing, but she was ecstatic that it was Drake. In the end, she really thought it was either ASAP Rocky or Drake’s son, but she was praying it was Drake’s."

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The insider adds, "Drake sincerely thought it was someone’s else kid because she had been with so many guys in a short period of time, but once the DNA confirmed it was his, he made her sign a confidentiality agreement.  He isn’t as bad as Pusha T is making him out to be, he is just dealing with the fact he has a baby with a porn star that sees him as check."

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Now, THIS is messy.

Pusha or Drizzy 🤔 

We appreciate Teyana & Iman Shumpert clearing up his part in the rumors though.

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