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Idris Elba Has A Message For People On The Internet Criticizing His Fiancée’s Royal Wedding Look — Photos

Um, leave Sabrina alone.

Idris Elba is not going to let bullies bother his fiancée, Sabrina Dhowre. 

Twitter jumped into flinging criticisms her way because she wore wear head-to-toe Gucci for the royal wedding. Many felt her look was way too casual for such an event. 

In any case, Idris popped onto Instagram to respond to the outpouring of unsolicited fashion advice.

“Sabbi: How do I look? Me: You look beautiful Sabbi!! Lets go see Harry and Meghan get married and make history. Sabbi: Boom�� Me: �� @sabrinadowhre I love you. @!@@ the haters..#happiness,” he captioned his post.

See it in full below: 

Sabbi: How do I look? Me: You look beautiful Sabbi!! Lets go see Harry and Meghan get married and make history. Sabbi: Boom👊🏾. Me:👊🏾 @sabrinadhowre I love you. @!@@ the haters..#Happiness

Aw. That is sweet! Plus, do you really think that Sabrina cares? She is living a great life. Super busy doing better things and all that.

Take a look at the outfit that sparked the internet debate.

So, when are these two going to be tying the knot? Because that is a wedding that we’d love to attend. HINTTTTTTTTTTT.

A few months ago, the actor gushed about his now-wife-to-be/then-girlfriend, after she dove into redecorating a lovely space for him.

"My girlfriend basically turned a room in the house into a studio... I'm not joking. For two months, she turned the whole place into a studio. It was really, really special — it touched me."

As for why he is being so open about his love life these day, well...

"I just think when you're a public persona, it's OK to be who you are. But I don't think you need to overly flaunt it. But at the same time, when you're happy and you're in love and whatever that is... It's actually a really good, liberating feeling. Like, 'Yo, this is what I'm with' and blah, blah, blah..."

A source previously dished, saying, "It’s believed Idris and Sabrina have been dating for around seven months. They’re having a great time getting to know each other and Idris feels strongly enough about Sabrina for them to be talked about in public. Having her on his arm on a red carpet shows how serious he is about her as he doesn’t do these things lightly.”

“He usually likes to keep that side of his life private but he’s proud to show Sabrina off on his arm. It’s been a different story for Sabrina, who has uploaded several pictures of Idris to her Snapchat account."

Ladies, Get you a man who will defend you like Idris!  

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