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Future Responds After Being "Exposed" As The Source Of The Recent Drama Between Nicki Minaj & Cardi B

Another Day, Another update involving the drama between Nicki Minaj vs Cardi B. 

This time around, it’s about Future as the Atlanta rapper found himself right in the middle of feud because of Hollywood Unlock’s Jason Lee. 

The former Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star-turned-radio-personality said that Future was originally supposed to be the feature guest on Cardi B’s “Drip” record. 

As we know it to be a Migos, Lee said the “FreeBandz” rapper had to pull the plug on the collaboration because of Nicki Minaj. 

Minaj allegedly gave Future an ultimatum: Drop the collaboration or get dropped from their NICKIHNDRXX joint tour

“You heard the song ‘Drip’? Who is on that song?” Lee asked, before responding with “Migos.” “Guess who’s on there first? Future. Who’s touring with Nicki? Guess why Future ain’t on that song?”

The host points out that this would explain Cardi's outburst on Instagram following their NYFW altercation Harper's Bazaar's ICONS party, where she claimed Nicki tried to "stop [her] bags" and "[screw] up the way [she eats.]"

“You've threaten [sic] other artists in the industry, told them if they work with me you'll stop [working] with them," Bardi wrote.

Shortly after the broadcast, the original reference track Future recorded for “Drip” leaked online.

Fans were quick to jump in with their takes, with plenty of jokes about the quality of the recording, essentially saying that “migos did better.”

Missing the point a bit, no?

According to a screenshot of an Instagram DM conversation featuring Future, it looks like Jason Lee might have gotten his facts all the way wrong. 

In the DM, the fan asks if it’s true that Nicki demanded he remove himself from “Drip,” which Future denied. 

“No. My bro cassius wanted me on the song ‘cause he produced it n I said NO,” he wrote in a direct message.

See the screenshot, below:

Following the latest rumors about Nicki trying to stop Cardi B’s bag, Minaj and the Barbs Army to Twitter to create the hilarious hashtag #NickiStoppedMyBag.

Minaj kicked it off by writing, “Bag STOPPED! Carry on! Kitty on fle... 🤨.     🛍🛑.   🚫🛍”.

She then joked that she went undercover as an Uber driver, after a fan mentioned that her ride-giver was named “Chunli”.

“You never noticed the double entendre in “bag stopped, carry on”. My carry on luggage was stopped when I tried to board the flight,” Nicki tweeted. “My carry on bag was stopped. Bwahahaaaahaha. I love writing raps #NickiStoppedMyBag”.

Well, the Barbs went wild coming up with their own hilarious quips about the Queen stopped their bags.

Do you think Cardi is laughing at these? 

Can you think up a funny #NickiStoppedMyBag bit?

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