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‘Growing Up Hip Hop’ Star Angela Simmons Was Spotted Laying The PDA On This NFL Baller — Photos

It looks like Yo Gotti missed his chance with Angela Simmons (again) as it appears someone else swooped in before him.

The Growing Up Hip Hop star has a new bae as a fan saw her boo’d up with NFL Pro Bowl Linebacker in Chicago recently. 

In a story shared with the good folks over at The Shade Room, the passerby explained she saw Simmons coupled up with Khalil Mack. 

The fan, who opted to remain anonymous, revealed she saw the two “boo'd up, giggling and smiling” while at Neiman Marcus in Chicago.

She added: “At first glance, I didn't pay them much mind but when sis started laughing I realized it was Angela Simmons.”

The fan said while she had no idea who the man was on Simmons' arm was, other people in the store relayed to her in that the television personality was with Mack, who plays for the Chicago Bears.

Before she left, the fan snapped a quick photo of the two:

It would make sense that this #BaeWatch setting was in the windy city as 27-year-old Khalil Mack was just traded to the Bears on September 1st. He then signed a six-year, $141 million extension, becoming the highest paid defensive player in NFL history. 

Angela Simmons shocked fans when she announced she was engaged to a mystery man back in April 2016, which was soon followed by a pregnancy announcement.

She had previously been outspoken about abstinence until marriage, later dealing with the backlash after having a baby out of wedlock.

Simmons told the The Breakfast Club recently: "Obviously my goal was to wait. Remember we had that conversation [on 'Run's House]. They always haunt me about that...that we had that 'conversation.' But, for me, it is what it is. I'm not perfect. I never said I was perfect. I was just discussing where I was at in my life at that point. And things change all the time. It changed and that's just what it was."

Angela also addressed her split with her former fiancé, Sutton Tennyson, saying it "didn't make sense" for her to stick around.

Angela wouldn't go into details on the cause of their break-up.

She stated, "It's many, many, many reasons. I don't really want to get into that. It just was enough to not be in the relationship anymore. It just didn't make sense for me and I want my son to grow up in a happy, positive environment. You don't want them [kids] around anything that's going to make them grow up the way they shouldn't. So, I'm just really sensitive to my child and the energy that's around."

Angela announced the ultimately-ill-fated engagement back in April 2016. They welcomed a baby boy, Sutton Joseph, in September 2016.

In December 2017, Angela confirmed she called it quits with Tennyson.

Angela went on to explain, "Things don't always work. You can plan, plan, plan, but God sometimes have another plan or your actions are going to have your plan change drastically. ... Personally, things change. People come in and out your life. People change and you just have to be wiling to accept that. And I've just gotten to the point where 'you are who you are' and Im just going to accept you for who you are. You can't change people."

What do you think of Angela’s new bae, Khalil Mack? 

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