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A Problematic Former 'Love & Hip Hop Hollywood' Star Is Reportedly Returning To The Show

Is SHE coming back to Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood? It appears so!

Well, is reporting that, after being kicked off the show following some homophobic and colorist commentary, Hazel E has been invited back to the popular VH1 reality series.

It’s being reported that production crew tried to get her to make her return during the current season of the series.

"They wanted her to make an appearance in London, during the cast trip," a source dished. 

While the idea of her return appeared to initially be promising, it all supposedly fell through following negotiations, as she allegedly "wanted too much money."

According to social media, she’s currently been traveling around the UK.

Fans may recall that Hazel E, who was a part of the show from seasons one through four, did not return for the fifth after she received severe backlash for making disparaging remarks about the LGBTQ community, as well as women with darker complexions.

At the time, the network claimed they didn’t plan on renewing her contract. But an insider revealed that Hazel was convinced she was let go due to her offensive social media antics.

“I'm tired of all these monkey looking dark butts coming for my pretty [expletive]. Don't take your insecurities out me??! [sic] [Expletive] your [sic] tryna get on lhhh that bad, you need another check? you your [expletive] [expletive] homebody and yo gay [expletive] son, gone have to figure this industry out when I get done with you,” she had written. 

“The post that Rose [Burgandy] made, I am not justifying it, because I actually feel horrible that the LGBT community is upset with me because that was definitely not my intent to offend an entire community that one, supports me, two… my world would fall apart without the LGBT community,” she told TMZ.

“The post was made because one person in the community decided to falsify documents from Rose’s social media and my social media basically trying to out him,” she continued before saying, "it was very frustrating because it was false; it was lies."

She also tried to justify her boyfriend's post, stating, "He was just like, ‘To show you how not gay I am, I’m going to post a burning flag.'"

Oh, boy.

"I don’t think that the Bible says that the gays should burn in hell. I say that the Bible does speak on [gay people], and I can’t rewrite the Bible, and for the things that it says in it, that’s what it says. Do I believe that if two men are sleeping together, are they going to burn in hell? I’m not God; I can’t judge you, and I will not judge you."

A huh.

No other details about Hazel’s alleged return to the VH1 show have been revealed.

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Would you be happy to see Hazel on your screens again? 

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