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Caught Creeping: "Basketball Wives" Star Blasts Husband On Social Media For Openly Chasing Instagram Models

Former "Basketball Wives LA" star, Brandi Maxiell, has called her husband out on social media for flirting with Instagram hotties. 

Brandi's husband, Jason Maxiell, has cheated before. Is he back to his old ways again?

Maxiell has put her husband on blast, calling him out publicly on Instagram for following Instagram models while blocking her.

Brandi has apparently caught her husband creeping on other women and let the world know just what he's up to!

In a since-deleted Instagram posts (We have the screenshots), Brandi wrote, "Everyone go follow my [expletive] up husband @o.d.od. I can't seem to because he likes to follow [expletive]. #CallMs.Duncan2018 #dmhimandtellhimhislosttoo."

She then shared a post that reads, "The trash gets picked up tomorrow. Be ready." 

Brandi then wrote, "Being [expletive] off gets old. I'm just at a whole new [expletive] it level."

The reality star appeared to hint there was trouble in paradise last week when she posted a video of Tamar Braxton saying she needs her man to "appreciate her."
FACTS...Tell him @tamarbraxton ...👏🏾

Fans have weighed in on Brandi exposing her husband's secret page and possibly cheating:

User itswynternotwinter wrote, "Girl your husband been a dog for years and you took him back every time. I don’t wanna hear anything until I see them divorce papers."

Follower brownskinned_love commented, "Soooo I’m guessing this is her storyline for basketball wives? ......Girl just do what Shaunie did to u. Tell him 'Thank you for your services.'"

User allaboutmonica_b wrote, "So embarrass yourself by letting the world know your husband blocked you?? If you havnt divorced him then continue to enjoy his ignorance."

#TheLifeofaPhotographer #CareeseDigitalPhotography Being Captured with @brandimaxiell and #Husband @#JasonMaxiell @Hairwalk 2014#Columbia,SC. #LightsCameraAction 

And follower txax_ added, "I don’t think y’all are getting what happened. He made a separate account to follow females..... of course she’ll be mad. He probably had other intentions."

Awww!!Brandi Son Really Getting Big❤#ISSAFAMILY #BrandiMaxiell #BasketballWives

Jason and Brandi were high school sweethearts before he was drafted to the NBA in 2005. Maxiell tied the knot with the former NBA power forward in August 2010. They welcomed a son together in November 2011. 

My little big baby 😍😍#poohbear

During Brandi's appearance on "Basketball Wives", she revealed that Jason had cheated on her in the past. 

At that time, Brandi shared, "Once I had my son, it was all about my son. I was like that mom by the book. You know, I did everything right. Every time I had a break I never went on date night, I never did anything that we used to do as a couple. And I went through postpartum [depression] and I really just forgot about him. When you forget about him, and you neglect your husband, you know, they get neglected and they do stupid things, and I think that’s what happened. 

"Even though I feel like it was my fault on what happened, he was supposed to be responsible enough to be my husband, stay faithful and stay, and continue to be the husband that he’s supposed to be but we’re here. . But, you know, we’re here."

Field Trip With My Pooh🌹

They have continued to try and work things out, but we all know a leopard doesn't change its spots.

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