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CHEATING BOMBSHELL! Is Vince stepping out on Tamar with THIS VH1 reality star? Get ready for the shock of your LIFE!

Gloria Govan Denies Being Vincent Herbert’s Mistress [VIDEO]

Marriage ain't easy already, add being a celebrity and rumors of an affair, you have a recipe for disaster faster than you would ever expect. In a marriage, it's a bind of union, a covenant you share with another person to always have their best interest in mind when it comes to decisions you make. Those decisions  can deal with anything ranging from finances to being faithful to a wife or husband when the allure of an affair arises.

Situations like these usually have roots in two people being seen frequently together. People have the tendency to associate two people of the opposite sex to be somehow romantically involved when those two people are seen together a lot. It only takes one person to mention the idea of a relationship between two people for a rumor to start.

There are many reasons why men and women, married or not, spend time with each other, and the reason Gloria Govan and Vincent Herbert were spending time together was for professional reasons.

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A source claimed to have knowledge of the affair and gave BOSSIP the alleged details.

“Gloria REALLY wants to get back on reality TV since she’s no longer doing ‘Basketball Wives’ and Vince was supposed to be helping her with that, she’d been wanting to work with him for a while and things just escalated from there.”

The crazy part is a friend of Gloria's even chipped in to attempt to confirm these rumors, she went on to say, “It’s true, she’s mentioned before how much she thought he’d be able to help her. Money and placement are always a motivation for her.”

How much of a "friend" is this person if they are trying to thrown you under the bus in aiding the public to label you a home wrecker?

Quick to shoot down these rumors Gloria took to Instagram to let everyone know that she isn't a home wrecker or fooling around with a married man. The post can be seen below.

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Both parties are being adults about the entire situation and Tamar hasn't gone cuckoo over a rumor her husband is cheating. Glad to see everyone involved is being professional over "chatty patty" nonsense talk.

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