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Monique Samuels (& Her Brother) Come For ‘Real Housewives Of Potomac’ Co-Star Gizelle Bryant

Um, um, um.

Looks like Gizelle Bryant and Candiace Dillard may have finally made nice. 

Oh and Monique Samuels and her brother have something to say about the freshly-formed truce.

Candiace clashed with Gizelle pretty quickly on her rookie season on “Real Housewives of Potomac.” Gizelle jokingly asking Candiace if her mother bought her engagement ring, which did NOT go down well at all.

(In fact, it was Monique who pushed Candiace to "check" Gizelle about it, a discussion which soon kicked up in an argument; it was one of the reasons Gizelle wasn’t initially invited to Candiace’s wedding.)

It's all good now though.

"But the reunion is coming up and you’ll see at the reunion that I’m coming to the wedding," she told Nessa of Hot 97. "Candiace and I are now friends."

"Not only are we friends, if I can say that, but she wants to know me very, very well. She wants to have a big sister, little sister relationship."

Before long a clip was posted to a fan page for the show.

And Monique and her brother (who runs her fan page, apparently) had plenty to say soon after the clip went up.


A fan previously advised Monique to calm down with all of the constant online commenting, writing, “@mrsmoniquesamuels you’re doing yourself a disservice with these social media responses. Pretty soon you will not have any allies and you’ll be off the show. As the saying goes, ‘Don’t bite the hand…’ Play chess, not checkers.”)

Monique had jumped back with a retort, saying, “Unlike some, I don’t need the show. I’m good.”
A huh.

In related news, Candiace admitted that Monique’s willingness to team up with Gizelle and laugh at her in France was a big red flag.

"The more I get to know some of these women, the less interested I am in getting to know them. I don’t need and will not beg anyone to befriend me. Especially when I know my worth and how valuable my friendship is. The way they behaved is very telling. It’s a show of character and the lack of tact is beneath me. Watching Monique sit and laugh at me with a person who has treated her with such bold disregard is also telling. I received her apology but I don’t forget easily."

Monique also once dropped a dirty detail about Gizelle's ex-husband Sherman Douglas. She claims their marriage was rocked when Gizelle learned the man had been arrested, after a cop caught him being “orally pleasured” in the car one night in a park.

Well, she claimed to be sorry about this move though. Kind of?


Gizelle previously fired shots at Monique, after that whole umbrella incident with Robyn unfolded.

“This was the funniest non-fight that I have ever seen. Monique Samuels invited Robyn Dixon to say something in her face and Robyn graciously accepted. Monique clearly wasn’t ready, so she reverted to what she always does best, insults and talking about money.”

“In order to be a friend you have to show yourself as friendly. I really think those tears had more to do with the fact that she was embarrassed. She got into an altercation that she started and invited Robyn to participate in. Truth be told I was hurt, too, I got kicked out of ANOTHER party.”


Okay, so do you think Monique's comment was justified? Or just super rude and unnecessary? 

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