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Monique Samuels Opens Up About Spilling The Tea About Gizelle Bryant's Boyfriend

Whatever RHOP is paying Monique Samuels… it is not enough.

Not that she needs the money OBVIOUSLLLLLY.

(Get it? Because she supposedly brags about her wealth non-stop?)

The Real Housewives of Potomac star mixed things up in a major way when she dropped some details about Sherman Douglas. Tea time!

Gizelle Bryant has not been all that happy with her romance with the retired athlete, but Monique revealed that he has a scandalous past. Perhaps!

Well, Gizelle started to notice Sherman being distant and made the decision to step away from the relationship, after he told her that he wasn’t sure if they should even be together. 


Ready for the big scandal? Monique says Sherman’s marriage was rocked when his ex-wife learned he had been arrested, after a cop caught him being “orally pleasured” in the car one night in a park.

Now that the episode has aired though, Monique is having some regrets about opening up.

Gizelle and Monique have had some bumps already.

And Gizelle thinks that Monique initiated that blowup (you know, the one that ended with umbrella-related threats) with Robyn and so only got what was coming to her.

She was asked “about the rest of this clash on the street” in her Bravo blog.

“This was the funniest non-fight that I have ever seen. Monique Samuels invited Robyn Dixon to say something in her face and Robyn graciously accepted. Monique clearly wasn’t ready, so she reverted to what she always does best, insults and talking about money.”

“In order to be a friend you have to show yourself as friendly. I really think those tears had more to do with the fact that she was embarrassed. She got into an altercation that she started and invited Robyn to participate in. Truth be told I was hurt, too, I got kicked out of ANOTHER party.”

As for Monique's possible obsession with material things...

“I’ve never commented on anything dealing with finances towards Robyn until I had an umbrella to her neck,” she once explained “Those comments were fueled by anger. I went for the jugular because I was upset…She constantly talks about her own finances, my finances and Karen’s taxes more than anyone else in the group.”

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