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Oprah’s BFF Gayle King Has A Lot To Say About Kirk Frost Having An Outside Baby On Rasheeda

We never thought we'd ever see Gayle King and "Love & Hip Hop" in the same sentence! 

Does this mean that Oprah watches Love & Hip Hop Atlanta too?

"Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta" fans have watched the drama between Kirk Frost and his wife Rasheeda unfold after he cheated on her and had a baby with Jasmine Washington. One rather surprising fan of the show, Gayle King, has weighed in with her thoughts and makes it obvious she's Team Rasheeda!

"LHHATL" viewers have watched Rasheeda and Kirk attempt to salvage their relationship after he cheated on her with former stripper, Jasmine, and had a son with her.

The current status of their marriage is not known, but Rasheeda has made it clear she wants nothing to do with her husband's mistress...or her apologies!

Jasmine was determined to talk to Kirk's now-estranged wife and decided to show up at the grand opening of Rasheeda's Pressed store in Houston.

Viewers expected to see Rasheeda go off on her husband's mistress, possibly even giving her a beat down for not respecting her boundaries. However, Rasheeda took the high road and maintained her composure during the uncomfortable incident.

Rasheeda definitely got her point across to Jasmine, explaining that her behavior and actions even after the affair were unacceptable.

Oprah's BFF, Gayle, tuned in to watch the dramatic moment and shared a clip of her reaction to Instagram.

Down to ride till the very end it's me and my bestie, me and my bestie 👯♀️ #NationalBestFriendDay (📸: @gburnscamera)

King took to social media to praise Rasheeda for remaining a class act during the difficult situation. 

She wrote in the caption of her post, "lovehiphopvh1 Atlanta. Watching Rasheeda exercise GREAT restraint as jasmine who had a baby w/Kurt rasheeda’s husband 'surprisingly' shows up to apologize .. no yelling, slapping, hair pulling, drink throwing reax... not normally how these scenes play out ... rasheeda good job!"

Fans weighed in with their comments on her post, rather surprised Gayle is a "LHHATL" fan and remarking on her hilarious commentary during the clip.

One follower wrote, "Ms. Gayle watches love and hip hop !! This is so awesome!!! We are Team Rasheeda."

A second fan wrote, "Gayle I am cracking up that you even watch this mess! I secretly watch on occassion. Its my escape from my reality. See how the other half lives."

A third person commented, "Now Auntie Gayle, you get soooo many 'I love you' points for not only watching LAHHAtl, but having this hilarious commentary."

One fan tagged Rasheeda in their comment, noting that Rasheeda may consider pitching a show for the OWN network with Gayle's obvious support.

The fan wrote, "@rasheedadabosschick Auntie Gayle is watching you boss up and I’m sure she called Momma Oprah and told her all about it...(they are besties ya know). This is why we must always handle ourselves with class and govern ourselves accordingly because who woulda thought that our fam, our role models, two women in media who are literally the pinnacle of success would be watching. Now would be a good time to pitch your workout show to @owntv. You know what they say... GOD BLESS THE CHILD THAT GOT HER OWN." (sic)

Rasheeda eventually caught wind of Gayle's post, jumping in the comments section to write, "Thank you love!"

It doesn't appear #Rasheeda will be calling it quits with her estranged husband #KirkFrost any time soon. He was right by her side to celebrate her birthday over the weekend. More on the site: theybf.me/2sgg1H4 or click link in profile

Can we get Gayle to narrate and critique all future episodes of "Love & Hip Hop?"

“Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” airs Mondays (8 p.m. ET) on VH1.

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