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The Internet Is Coming For Garcelle Beauvais' Inappropriate Birthday Message To Will Smith — Receipts Inside

Tuesday (September 25th) marked the 50th birthday of everyone’s favorite Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Will Smith. 

Fans, Music & Hollywood peers have been showing their appreciation and showing the legendary actor/rapper with well wishes. 

Garcelle Beauvais caught some smoke with the internet after the way she wished Will Smith a happy birthday, and she doesn’t seem regretful about her approach at all.

The Jamie Foxx Show star Garcelle Beauvais, shared a vintage photo of Smith and herself making out in a shower scene from their 1999 film Wild Wild West on Twitter. 

Within the tweet she wrote, "A birthday kiss for the birthday boy #willsmith happy 50th."

When a fan warned Beauvais, “You better take this down ‘fore Jada go on a Twitter rant,” the 51-year-old actress boldly responded, “Bring it lol”

Take a look, below:

Her response did nothing but antagonize Jada Pinkett Smith fans:

After blogger theJasmineBRAND joked that the actress was shooting her shot and risking it all for Will Smith, Beauvais confirmed that the picture was from the movie set of Wild Wild West and confirmed that Will’s wife Jada was there live when the scene was filmed. 

#garcellebeauvais gives the scoop on her #willsmith birthday post

After catching that internet smoke, Garcelle took to Twitter to stress that it was an innocent joke and that people need to "lighten up."

But the actress words didn’t stop the backlash as the Internet clapped back at that response. 

“Because that’s a married man?” one person wrote, answering the actress’ tweet. “Doesn’t it say mommy in your bio? Sis, go mind yours.”

“Don’t cry about social media when you get the attention you ordered,” wrote someone else.

"You were being very disrespectful with your post," a third person wrote. 

An hour later, Garcelle felt forced to give an apology and did so.

She wrote, “Ok guys it was supposed to be a funny post My bad if I offended anyone ! If you are my followers you know I’m all about lifting up people and being positive being human I made a mistake … Have beautiful blessed day.”

Yea, probably not the best idea to post yourself kissing someone else’s husband, even if it is in jest. And reports of Jada and Will being “open” in their marriage still doesn’t leave room for disrespect.

I’ve always told Will, ‘You can do whatever you want as long as you can look at yourself in the mirror and be okay,” she told HuffPost Live in a previous interview.

It was a statement that Jada clarified later in a Facebook post, and she said her marriage isn’t necessarily open, just “grown” and full of trust.

Gracelle has taken the photo down. 

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