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Gabrielle makes a SHOCKING admission about her marriage to Dwyane! She finally CONFESSED that...

Gabrielle Union Admits her secret on how to manage Her Long Distance Marriage With Dwayne!

Much like her character on the BET television series Being Mary Jane, Gabrielle Union must find a way to balance her busy work life with a fulfilling private life with husband Dwayne Wade.

In an interview with NBC Today’s Matt Lauer, Union expressed happiness over the renewal of Mary Jane for a fourth season.  “[It took] a lot of pressure off of my accountant’s shoulders knowing that the mortgage is going to be paid,” Union jokingly told Lauer. “No, we never have that luxury—ever—of knowing where our next check is coming from. It gives us the freedom to just work and not the pressure of ‘what if no one likes this?’ It’s like we know that we’re doing great work and it’s a huge vote of confidence.”
She also discussed her inspiration for her award-winning role as a TV news anchor in Mary Jane. She notably cited Soledad O’Brien, news anchor for CNN and Al Jazeera, as well as numerous others.

The Think Like A Man actress explained, “I would like to think that I have adopted some of the more believable qualities of respected anchors, but because we don’t know what happens in your lives when you leave, I made her a hot mess. I’m obsessed with Soledad O’Brien and that’s sort of who I patterned her after. But Soledad has an amazing life from what we can see, but Mary Jane just can’t get right.”

The actress also divulged into how she and NBA husband Dwayne Wade manage juggling her busy filming schedule and his game schedule. “I come home every weekend. I fly back and forth,” she explained. She also stated that she will fly to where Dwayne is if he can’t make it home for a weekend. She enjoys spending time with her three step-children from Dwayne’s previous relationships.
Union will be starring in the upcoming films The Birth of a Nation, Sleepless Night, and A Meyers Christmas, all due for release in the fall.

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