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Future Throws Some Alleged Shade At Ciara & The Internet Is Dragging Him Like Nobody's Business

Let’s first start off by stating, Drake isn't the only person “in his feelings” these days. (See what we did there?)

Lots of celebrities are sparking up drama and then facing backlash for it! Is there something in the water or what?

But, uh, Future kind of deserved the snark. We think?

The Freebandz emcee has been back in the headlines as of late because he reportedly knocked up Bow Wow’s ex/baby mama Joie Chavis. Yes, there WAS a lot of nonsense going on all over the place when the news first hit. 

He now has social media buzzing about his most recent tweets. Supposedly, Joie and Future have been spending a lot of time together.

Well, perhaps that is wrapping up. "She not wife material. Can’t u tell," he posted."I been SINGLE for like 4yrs. DATS KRAZY".

Many are convinced Future’s message was meant for Joie. But given Future’s history, he could also be talking about any number of exes including Ciara who is happily—even sometimes smugly so—married to Russell Wilson.

The breakup with Ciara seeped into his songwriting process, as reports of his substance abuse rose at a high rate.

Oof. What a messy little situation. Obviously, the Internet had to chime in with their responses. GOLD.

Our personal favorite just might be; "Future has 65 kids by 60 different women and has the nerve to say someone isn’t wife material... I admire his confidence.  #Sensational". Haha.

Oh and Future seems to have attempted to clarify the context a bit later, claiming that this wasn't as pointed as it seemed to be; according to the rapper, he was merely responding to a pal's prompt.

Not too long ago, Bow Wow's baby mama Joie destroyed her new baby daddy Future with this big shady message:

Oh baby! ❤️ you know we had to do it for the kids 🎉 #happybirthdayvanna

"Despite the fact that I’ve been terribly sick this pregnancy, overall I’m happy, healthy, getting my energy back and I really appreciate the outpour of love and support from those who have reached out to me. On another note, what in the GHETTO. Lol please keep the negative energy off my page and keep those clown in their circus,” Joie once vented online, amidst rumors that Future had reunited with baby mama Brittni Mealy. 

“I’m going to continue to keep the high road and fly high. High enough to [expletive] on a wig or two. Ha just kidding you guys. Be blessed.…and please don’t pity me. I’m good luv, enjoy."

Oop! #JoieChavis has a message for anybody that has something negative to say. Sis says she’s good love, enjoy 💅🏽👀

Wow all around. Pretty brave card for Future to play, eh? 

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