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Joie Chavis Reacts After Blog Leaks Messy DMs Spilling Tea About Pregnancy With Future, Shading Ciara And More!

As you may have seen by now, Bow Wow has just added one more ex-in-common with Future.

Talk about his Bow’s baby mama Joie Chavis has been constant lately on social media after she announced she’s pregnant and the father is reportedly Future (who’s already the father of 4 other children).

As happy as things should be as she welcomes a new life into this world, it’s been a level of messy drama that has arisen ever since she revealed her pregnancy.

It was over a week ago when Joie happily clutched her baby bump on Instagram as she posed in a split during a group photo at a super hero-themed birthday party. 

"Oh baby! ❤️ you know we had to do it for the kids 🎉 #happybirthdayvanna," she wrote in the caption.
Oh baby! ❤️ you know we had to do it for the kids 🎉 #happybirthdayvanna

And then her sister confirmed that yes, Joie is pregnant.
#joiechavis sister confirming she’s pregnant #gossiptwins 

Chatter about Joie and Future hooking first shot up when the rapper was spotting attending a birthday dinner for the Shop Shai owner last September.

Obviously, Joie's ex Bow Wow jumped onto Twitter to bash Future for dating his former flame*, with whom he shares 7-year-old daughter Shai Moss.

*Another Flame to be, to be clear because once upon a time, Bow Wow and Ciara were an item too. And I think we’re all very aware that Future was previously engaged to CiCi and has a child with her as well. 

Once news of Joie's bun in the oven hit the headlines, commenters quickly skipped over to social media to chime in. 

Since Joie’s big pregnancy reveal, Future has reportedly been hanging around with one of his baby mamas, Brittni Mealy,  which sparked Joie to share a very shady message to Future (and Brittni). 

"Despite the fact that I’ve been terribly sick this pregnancy, overall I’m happy, healthy, getting my energy back and I really appreciate the outpour of love and support from those who have reached out to me. On another note, what in the GHETTO. Lol please keep the negative energy off my page and keep those clown in their circus,” Joie recently dished online. “I’m going to continue to keep the high road and fly high. High enough to [expletive] on a wig or two. Ha just kidding you guys. Be blessed.…and please don’t pity me. I’m good luv, enjoy."

Oop! #JoieChavis has a message for anybody that has something negative to say. Sis says she’s good love, enjoy 💅🏽👀

Since then, alleged DM’s from her were released on a blog, The Dirty, where she reportedly calls Future’s other kids “mistakes.” 

In the messages, she allegedly talked about getting married and claimed to have messages and photos of the two of them together in bed, “confirming” their relationship among other strong claims.

“There are a million other girls, but he truly wants ME. The bimbos aaliyahpretty cyn brittni cici (Ciara) were nothing to him." 

See the alleged text messaged below (Swipe left):

Bow Wow's daughter's mother (and Future's most recent baby mama) Joie Chavis, has been DMing a Blogger on IG for months. She was the one that initially revealed herself to said blogger as being Future's newest harem member. She agreed to work with the blogger. She would send them exclusive pictures, dms of Future and her and in return she would be posted in good light. The blogger has now exposed her scheming ways. The following are their dms in which she admits she planned the child and that Future's children are 'mistakes'. 

Well, Joie is not happy over these alleged DM’s becoming public, as she’s calling them fake.

"It's so disheartening, and even more frustrating that I constantly have to defend myself when I honestly don't want to say anything and let ya'll believe what you want like I usually do," she said. It seems as though someone made up an account and pretended to be her, as Joie says she doesn't speak to blogs, adding: "I'm baffled."

See her response in full, below:

What do YOU think about this whole mess involving Future, Joie and the other baby mamas?

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