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Report: Woman Claims She Was Drugged, Assaulted at French Montana’s 33rd Birthday Party

French Montana sure finds himself in some interesting scenarios. Or jumps right into them.

He recently celebrated his 33rd birthday with a giant celebratory bash in his Calabasas home. It apparently wrapped up super quickly once police arrived to break up a physical altercation between two female attendees.

That wasn’t the most unsettling update though.

TMZ has obtained a 911 call recording of a woman claiming she was drugged and tossed out of his party sans clothing.

Oh no.

In it, an unnamed person can be heard attempting to explain the situation. The operator pushes for clarification on some confusing components (supposedly caused by someone in the background; the alleged victims says that they are pushing and touching her).

“It’s at French Montana’s house,” the woman states “They gave us drugs, and they took our shoes. They kicked us out…”

Tonight after party 🎉 @marqueesydney

When asked whether she is currently in Beverly Hills, the alleged victim says that she will give the address before adding that a girl hit her.

All of the hustle and bustle going on makes it hard to follow, honestly.

She also declared that she would share a photo of “the guy”; the assaulter or the person she was then-engaging with? Unclear. 

After being reminded that she can’t send a photo through a call, she says she is in Calabasas. 

“They literally kicked us out naked and they hit us,” she insists. “I have a purple eye. So if you guys want to come — please, I’m trying to, like, literally press charges on them — or I’m going to call the cops. We’re literally in Calabasas. We need help.”
She followed this up with; “there’s too many Harveys out there”. Too true.
Pressed once again about the address, the woman eventually states that the operator should automatically know where she is because “they’re the cops.” 

More allegations follow (body guards hitting her). The operator asks what her race is “Hispanic-Brazilian”. She then adds she was also allegedly sexually assaulted.

“I’m wearing nothing because they took my clothes off,” she explained, when asked what she is wearing. “Because one of the guys that was up there ripped my clothes off. Literally — I just basically [expletive] got raped.”

Oh My #Listen 😬

Wow. Lots to unpack here. Um?

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