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Cardi B's Fiancé Offset Drags Nicki Minaj After She Posts Cryptic Relationship Advice On Twitter — Receipts Inside

Nicki Minaj decided to share her thoughts on relationships, encouraging young women not to stay with a man that cheats on you. The "Bang Bang" rapper didn't mention names, but Offset appeared to respond to Nicki's tweets.

Nicki shared her tweets about self-worth and not staying with a man that cheats on you and humiliates you. She appeared to take a shot at Cardi B by tweeting about staying in bad relationships just to show off a ring on Instagram.

In the series of tweets, Nicki also shared her own experiences about her previous marriage and baby proposals.

She tweeted, "New boy asked if I could have his baby in a year and a half. On God, I said, 'ain't pushin out his babies til he buy da rock.' Then I busted out laughing. he said, 'I'll put a ring on it. I'll do anything it takes.' Yet all I could think of is how much I love my newfound freedom."(sic)

Minaj also wrote, "Having men treat you like dog [expletive] because they're famous or have money is the new era we live in. Word to the gram. Arguing with other women while defending your abuser is the new era. Word to the gram."

In another post, Nicki wrote, "#Queen, know your worth. I’ve been proposed to 3 times; asked by 4 boyfriends to have their child. Being emotionally, mentally, or physically abused just to crack a fake smile on the gram & show off a ring is not happiness. Being cheated on, humiliated, belittled... for the gram?"

Check out Nicki Minaj’s tweets below (Read from Bottom to Top): 

Nicki didn't name names in her tweets, but they appeared to hit a little too close to home for Migos rapper, Offset.

He appeared to respond to Nicki's posts in now-deleted tweets. Offset bashed "miserable" Nicki and clapped back at the "Chun-Li" rapper for shading his engagement to Cardi B.

"A lot of people want to be happy like me n wifey @iamcardib but they not," Offset wrote. "Since we met [expletive] been hating. Everybody got an opinion. God bless America. Alot evil out here, alot of hate. No love. [Expletive] crazy."

See Offset's tweets below (Read from Bottom to Top):

Offset later deleted his tweets appeared to be directed at Nicki, but fans took note and believe he was dissing her.

Nicki Minaj fans were quick to let Offset know that his response was unwarranted and that he clearly is feeling guilty about something to assume the tweets were about him and his relationship. 

Cardi B will be welcoming her first child with Offset in mere months and previously stated she would be "going in" on an unidentified female once her daughter is born.
W A T C H M Y B A C K I LL W A T C H Y O U R S C U L T U R E 2

Do you believe Nicki was talking about Cardi in her tweets? There have been rumors in the past that the two female rappers were beefing. Offset's response to Nicki's tweets further fuel reports that Nicki and Cardi are not on good terms.  

There's a lot going on here.

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