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Fetty Wap’s Other Baby Mama Lezhae Zeona Calls Out 'Love & Hip Hop' Star Masika Kalysha & Fetty Wap

When will Fetty Wap’s plethora of baby mamas realize that they are all pretty much in the same boat?

Not today apparently.

Lezhae Zeona (another pregnant hook-up of Fetty’s, it seems) took to Instagram Live to call him out for his behavior, which has resulted in…so many babies.

This isn’t her first child with the rapper either. Um, we know we say this often, but can someone explain birth control to this man?

Look, if people want to have giant families, god bless. But maybe not when it is leads to such a dramatic bundle of issues. Like it has here.
Rumors went around that #AlexisSky wasn’t the only one #pregnant with #FettyWap’s baby. Well turns out that the other baby mama is #Lezhae....she’s already a mother to one of his daughters and revealed on live she was pregnant again with Fetty Wap’s child. On live she explained their timeline, spoke about it not being her only child with him, said they aren’t together, and questioned tons of times why she would lie about her pregnancy. Lezhae is reportedly having a boy and Alexis Sky is having a girl. #Swipe #CupofMessy

Oh and you will never believe this, but Lezhae and Masika have been bickering. Lezhae sort of mentioned this too.

“By the grace of the Lord, I will not be going through these type of things or problems when I am Masika’s age.”

She also stated that she is trying to move beyond this nonsense, focusing on graduating from school and raising her kids…something she claims Fetty Wap doesn’t do much of.
#LezhaeZeona confirms that she and #FettyWap are expecting another baby together - a boy this time. She also revealed that the pregnancy was planned.👀👶🏽☕️|| #Inyaearhiphop #AlexisSky
We guess none of Fetty’s little ones will be playing with their half-siblings if this keeps up.

Masika previously told Hollywood Unlocked, that there will likely be no happy little play dates in the cards. The interviewer asked Masika is she would let her daughter and Alexis’ daughter play together.

“First of all, there’s about 35 people that need to be DNA tested, once that process is done, then come back and holla at me.”

She has also made some nasty comments about the upcoming bundle of joy, so…um.

Sure, sure.

Alexis’ baby news was blown up by Masika, who tweeted, “Spoiler alert Abuick Dirt is planning a BIG REVEAL at the reunion 😳she's gonna shock me by saying she's pregnant wit waps 27th child 😳egad!"

She then posted, “& I'll run off the stage crying & everyone will clutch their pearls & the world will care & she will hope for a season 5 contract 😳😩😂”.
Fetty Wap later confirmed that he was indeed the father of this one. Oh and it’s a girl! 
Looks like #AlexisSkyy and #FettyWap chose a name for their little princess on the way 🎀💕
Alexis announced this by sharing a fluffy pink shot of herself, captioning it, “Baby girl, I can't wait to meet you...💓 Photographer: @20kvisuals Hair: @_hairbyivy Makeup: @donovanlamar Stylist: @geche.escvar”.

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