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One Of Fetty Wap's Baby Mama Is Putting Him On Blast With Reads & Receipts For Being A Deadbeat Dad

It's no secret that Fetty Wap has several children with numerous baby mothers. 

But the question remains... Is Fetty Wap a deadbeat dad?

Some of his many baby mamas certainly seem to think so.

The latest share this thought is Turquoise Miami. She didn't hold back, at all.

The mother of the rapper's daughter Lauren, recently popped over to Instagram to let the world know that he isn't there for their kid. 

"@fettywap1738 Doesn't do anything for Lauren," she wrote before adding that he is never available for her emotionally, physically or financially.

She went on to explain that she has already come to terms with the fact that he will, more than likely, never be the father their daughter deserves.

"I am no longer going to beg a [expletive] to be a dad to do all the things a dad is supposed to do," she wrote. "I'm doing everything I am supposed to do as a mother and I will pray for karma... I'm just not going to dog a [expletive] like I could."

When will these women that procreate with him ever learn? Never, probably.

Take a look at all of her posts, below:

One of #FettyWap's baby muva's says he ain't been on his #DaddyDuties 👀
#TurquoiseMiami had some more things to get off her chest about her baby daddy #FettyWap 👀 (View previous post)
Hopefully, they end up resolving their issues off of social media. 

Alexis Skyy bashed the musician in January too, not long after she gave birth to their daughter.

"[expletive] [expletive] [expletive], stay the [expletive] from me and my daughter," she ranted. "I'll see you in court [expletive]."

Alexis then mentioned a woman whom she believes to be his new flame, telling her to pass on a message to him.

"Can you wake my baby daddy up and tell him I said he has a few hours," she later told a woman who was supposedly sleeping with Fetty. "If not tell him I'll see his [expletive] in court & I hope you use a condom."

Alexis has also posted additional Instagram messages about Fetty and her frustrations. 

Back in late 2016, Masika also ripped into the rapper for his actions.

We were looking at her bicep. My kid was born with muscles. 💪🏽

“Y’all tune in to #LHHH tonight to see my BD lying to my face again. Him so good at it. Pretending that he wants to be a good daddy," she tweeted. [...] "Dealing with this situation has been the most difficult thing I’ve ever had to deal with b/c it’s not about my feelings it’s about our baby.”

Do we have jokes about Fetty's life choices? Sure. But he isn't all that worried about what anyone thinks of his growing family.

A commentor once pointed out that he had quite a few bundles of joy out there, saying, “6 kids at 26 SMH”.

Fetty had a response, quipping, “Actually my son is on the way so it’ll be 7 at 27 with 22 million…[expletive] everybody’s opinion straight like that.”

Care to chime in on whether or not you think Fetty steps up to the plate, parenting-wise?

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