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"LHHH" Star Alexis Skyy Rushed To Hospital After Pregnancy-Related Health Scare + Fetty Wap Provides Video Update

Somewhere Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood star Masika Kalysha is probably cackling.


Even she wouldn’t go that far. Right?

She has pushed the limits though. She once deemed Alexis’ unborn baby a "thot revenge baby."


Anyway, is Alexis Skyy doing okay? TheShadeRoom was sent footage of 6 months pregnant Alexis Skyy being wheeled into the hospital emergency room after her water broke prematurely. Her on-again/off-again boyfriend Fetty Wap dropped everything he was doing and rushed to her side. 

Watch The Footage Below:

Looks like ##alexisskyy water may have broken last night... I think she’s a bit early... Hope everything is ok @alexisskyy_ #shadylipz #fettywap

Well Fetty Wap has went LIVE on Instagram from the hospital room, explaining, “My baby good, everything good”. The rapper then communicated to a nurse (presumably), saying that Alexis was sleeping and received a steroid shot in her leg. It’s unclear what exactly happened.

The next bit of Fetty’s live stream showcased Alexis, who seemed to be in good spirits. She was laughing while glancing at her phone. “Everything Good… Alaiya.M,” he captioned the video, with a heart

#PressPlay: #TSRUpdatez--#FettyWap has been by #AlexisSky's side since she was admitted to the hospital due to pregnancy complications. #Fetty took to #IGLive to let everyone know that both #Alexis & the baby are fighters & are doing just fine!! 🙏🏾 #Alexis also made sure to start following #Fetty on the 'Gram again

(Alaiya is the reported name of their baby-to-be. Alexis once posted a picture of her ultrasound, captioning it, "Princess Alaiya 💗 I love you... LOL she wanted us to leave her alone ...")

Alexis’ close friend, Ikey, popped onto Instagram stories with an update on her condition. “Alexis & the baby is fine. Just keep her in your prayers & respect her privacy at the moment”.

#TSRUpdatez: #AlexisSkyy’s bestie says she and the baby are doing fine! “She’s still pregnant. Her water did break but her and the baby are fine.”

Well, hope she and the baby stay healthy and safe.

“We are expecting,” Alexis announced during L&HH Hollywood‘s reunion special. “And I’m going to show you how to slay this pregnancy for nine months,” she declared.

#AlexisSkyy gives an update of her and #FettyWaps baby girls condition 👀🙏🏽💕

Masika kind of beat her to the punch on that front and spoiled it on twitter before the Reunion aired. She previously tweeted, "Abuick Dirt is planning a BIG REVEAL at the reunion. She’s gonna shock my by saying she’s pregnant with Wap’s 27th child egad!"

Alexis told once told Masika that they need to sort things out. "All this doesn’t matter at this point, my child and your child are going to be siblings." 

Masika replied, "My child will be nothing to your child." 

"Your child is an orphan, Annie."

Alexis then said, "This is deeper than Fetty. This girl has tried to harassed me and tried to sabotage my name several times."
Alexis also claimed that "Masika has paid numerous blogs to not post me." 

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