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Fetty Wap’s 7-Year-Old Son Just Revealed Something That Broke Him Down In Tears

Say what you want about New Jersey rapper Fetty Wap’s collection of combative baby mamas, but you cannot deny that the 27-year-old dad of seven really seems to enjoy fatherhood, despite the drama.

Case in point? 

His dynamic with his eldest son, Aydin Maxwell. Who, as it turns out, just might be the next big musical superstar. 

While spending time with young Aydin in what appears to be a studio, Fetty revealed to his followers that the 7-year-old dropped a tear-jerking revelation on him: he wants to follow in his father’s footsteps and take on the industry when he grows up. 

Fetty posted the proof on Instagram.

Extra Spaghetti Sauce 🌹

The 7-year-old sang along to Logan Paul and Why Don’t We’s “Help Me Help You” track in the clip. Fetty admired this from a distance, captioning the moment with touching sentiments. Really sweet.


He also wrote, “I just don’t wanna [expletive] up, I love you son, I’m not the best but I’ll shake the world for you & your lil sisters n your brother.” Fetty continued the loving note to his child, explaining that he wants him to succeed even further past his own career milestones and apologizing for not being the best example he knows he is capable of being. 

“But nobody can be your father better than me and I will prove it to you,” Fetty penned. “4Life my son I will never leave your side 5:05 pm on 5/1/11 you were born I had a chance to be there I thank you for letting me be your dad Aydin I appreciate you soo much.”

See the post below: 

That is really beautiful. Aw. It is lovely to get another glimpse at this side of him, right?

Fetty has previously addressed the, uh, concern over his procreation habits. After a fan wrote, “6 kids at 26 SMH”, he replied, “Actually my son is on the way so it’ll be 7 at 27 with 22 million…[expletive] everybody’s opinion straight like that.”

Fetty previously chatted with reporters from In Touch Weekly, explaining that all of the mothers of his kids have all moved on and are living their lives. He claims they allow him to be the father of his little ones.

👀-1 😁
After starting his mainstream career on fire, Fetty’s career has slowed down a bit when it comes to the hits. He does appear to be on an upward trajectory after signing to Tr3yway Entertainment and being featured on Mir Fontaine's new song.

Are you loving Fetty’s ode to Aydin? 

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