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Report: "Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood" Star Alexis Skyy Prematurely Gives Birth To Fetty Wap's 4th Child Three Months Early

Congrats to Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood star Alexis Skyy and Fetty Wap!

Their baby girl has reportedly arrived.

TheShadeRoom is claiming that the reality star gave birth to her premature daughter named Alayia, via C section; according to the publication, she weighed "a little over one pound" upon delivery.

Wait…didn’t Alexis reveal on social media that the baby was going to be called Alaiya? One letter off. Oh well.

The newborn must remain in NICU for some time, before being allowed to go home with her mother. In spite of this, she is said to be stable and "doing good on her own."

We broke the news earlier this week that #AlexisSky ‘s water broke and now our source tells us she has officially given birth to her baby girl and we have #exclusive details — Our source tells us she had baby Alayia M premature. Let’s keep the baby covered in our prayers as she was born weighing a little over 1 pound. However she is stable & doing good on her own. She must remain in NICU for a while until she’s able to go home. Alexis also had to have a c section instead of natural birth. We are happy that she and the baby are doing fine! #CongratsAlexisAndFetty

Fetty Wap went LIVE on Instagram from the hospital room the other day after Alexis was allegedly rushed to the hospital after her water seems to have broken prematurely, explaining, “My baby good, everything good”. The rapper then communicated to a nurse (presumably), saying that Alexis was sleeping and received a steroid shot in her leg. It’s unclear what exactly happened.

The next bit of Fetty’s live stream showced Alexis, who was laughing while glancing at her phone. “Everything Good… Alaiya.M,” he captioned this.

#PressPlay: #TSRUpdatez--#FettyWap has been by #AlexisSky's side since she was admitted to the hospital due to pregnancy complications. #Fetty took to #IGLive to let everyone know that both #Alexis & the baby are fighters & are doing just fine!! 🙏🏾 #Alexis also made sure to start following #Fetty on the 'Gram again

Alexis’ close friend, Ikey, had also hopped Instagram stories with an update on her condition. “Alexis & the baby is fine. Just keep her in your prayers & respect her privacy at the moment”.
#TSRUpdatez: #AlexisSkyy’s bestie says she and the baby are doing fine! “She’s still pregnant. Her water did break but her and the baby are fine.”
Predictably, Masika had something to say about that little health scare. Because that is just who she is.

Masika recently tweeted, "My ability to wish you well and not give a [expletive] about you at the same time is amazing."

Oh, Masika.
Alexis once sent a little message to her then-unborn baby writing, "Even though your so tiny.. & you haven’t fully grown yet!!! I’m so in love with just knowing your growing every second.. inside of me the feeling of my body changing everyday is beautiful.. even though I’m sick as a dog I just pray your [sic] a healthy baby.. I promise to be the best mommy there is. ps to my little bundle of joy."
Anyway, glad all is going smoothly.

Let’s not hold our breath for a positive reaction from Masika though.

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