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New Details Emerge In Stevie J's $1.3 Million Child Support Appeal Case After Being Ordered To Serve Prison

"Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta" star Stevie J has previously avoided jail time over his child support case, but prosecutors are gunning to send the reality star to jail for failing to meet the terms of his probation in the case.

The Grammy-winning producer is accused of not paying child support for two of his children - Stevie Jr. and Savannah. The case against the music producer has been going on since 1998.

Stevie pled guilty and he was ordered to cough up  $1.3 million. However, the reality star has been accused of violating the terms of his plea deal.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Kathleen Reilly claims that Stevie has skipped out on a drug test and failed to attend court-ordered substance abuse prevention classes.

He is also accused of never turning in financial documents on his income and only made a payment of $5,000 towards the child support arrears in February.
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Reilly stated, "There’s a pattern of non-compliance. That pattern is very much of concern to the government."

Judge Paul Crotty has called for a new hearing in a month, where prosecutors will attempt to prove that Stevie violated the terms of the deal.

Jordan’s lawyer, Xavier Donaldson, explained to the judge that Stevie had received a $100,000 advance on his reality show checks in order to pay down his debt. He also claims his client tested negative for illegal drugs and has kept out of trouble.

Donaldson said, "That’s a huge step. Everything that he’s required to do, in my opinion, he’s doing."

Stevie's lawyer has argued that putting his client behind bars would prevent him from earning income to make the child support payments.

"The only way he can make money is if he’s out doing shoots," Donaldson said. "If we put him in jail, there’s no conceivable way that could happen."

“Yeah these garden tools will do anything for half a second of fame.”

Judge Crotty hit back by stating, "What’s necessary here is compliance. Your client has been uncooperative with compliance...I think there’s a pattern Mr. Donaldson. The only time he comes into compliance is when he comes to court."

Stevie spoke outside of the court hearing on Tuesday, saying he was "numb" to the situation. He adds that he just wants to be home with his children.

Stevie is the father to six children. He has a son named Dorian with Rhonda Henderson, daughter Sade with Felicia Stover, son Steven Jordan Jr and daughter Savannah Jordan with Carol Antoinette Bennett, daughter Eva with Mimi Faust, and Bonnie Bella Jordan with Joseline Hernandez.

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