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New Photos Of Joseline Hernandez's 1-Year-Old Daughter Has The Internet At War Over Her Welfare Again

Is Joseline Hernandez the epitome of a bad mother? 

The former Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta starlet is once again getting backlash from the internet about her parenting skills as the internet is at war about how she dresses her one-year-old daughter, Bonnie Bella. 

Earlier this week, Hernandez took to Instagram to share a new photo of her daughter smiling from ear-to-ear. 

Stevie J’s youngest daughter was dressed in an over-sized “Moschino” hoodie with a teddy paired with a white skirt, pink ankle socks, and blue strap-on shoes.

Joseline captioned the image, “To all the babies in the world! Have an amazing day in school 😁😁 From #bonniebella.”

To all the babies in the world! Have an amazing day in school 😁😁 From #bonniebella

While many people thought the photo was artistic, others focused on Bonnie’s hair and started calling Joseline out for not properly taking care of it.

“Why the hell do you dress her so tacky,” asked one fan.

“This little girl is adorable but her mom doesn’t know how to dress her lol she is a cutie tho,” said another.

Momma forgot to post my Saturday look! ❤️❤️❤️ #bonniebella

“Joseline, what does she have on and why you don’t dress like that.”

“Her mother & daddy need they [butt] whooped she need a stylist.”

This supporter revealed that Joseline should stop with the giant bows and all will be well.

The fan wrote: “She looks like she hates being a mother. Joseline is putting those big ole bows and ponytails in that beautiful child head. She’s so cute. That poor child. I looked on Joseline page her hair doesn’t look so bad. She has puffballs and a bow with the back out. I think she should change up the hairstyle, but it’s not dirty, dry or matted. Bonnie is funny. No One Is Safe from The Undefeated Internet… Not even children.”

How my momma get to the....... #bonniebella

Other fans in jumped In to help defend the Puerto Rican princess.

One fan said, “It’s just not cool to talk about innocent children ever that’s very telling about a person’s character.”

“Well at least she’s not dressing her with tight clothing or dressing her too grown,” said one fan.

“She’s a baby…you forgot?? Wow…smh,” said another fan.

“You are a big fool,” commented one fan.”

Another person stated: “She looks just like her sister…Bonnie is a sweetheart and her hair could be puffed up a little but she ain’t ugly, some of y’all star friends kids are putting perms in their kids head and they look like a slick ballroom floor. Fred Astaire would bust his head wide open, okay. Get up off Bonnie now. Joseline is beautiful as long as she doesn’t no f[expletive] mic, cuz because she starts to sing I am running past Jaws.”

“I love that Joseline Letts Her Be A Real Kid,” said a fan.

“Stevie better not ever ever ever question baby girl. She looks as if he spit her out. She favors her big sister Eva too. She’s too cute!!! 🙌You’re slaying as Usual. #toocoolforschool. Leave that baby hair alone she doesn’t need a hair stylist at 2 that’s what’s wrong with us black woman now always worried abt some hair shaming lil black girls to think their hair isn’t good enough,” another supporter added.

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