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Stevie J & Faith Evans Reportedly Want This Lavish Expense For Their Wedding Ceremony

Looks like their love is here to stay, folks—forever.

…And #TheJordans aren’t phased by the naysayers who think they’re love is fake.

The couple have been flaunting their relationship and inseparable since their elopement, branding their last names, each other’s social media spaces and even their skin. 

We just reported on how Stevie J has been flaunting his new tattoos: one that says “FRJ” in front of his ear and the pair’s wedding date on top of his shoulder. Stevie is fully committed to his new wife and wants the world to know it.

The vertical body art reads, “FRJ”, which stands for Faith Renee Jordan.

In case you missed Stevie’s face and chest tattoos for Faith, see them below (Swipe right):

#TSRTattz: Looks like #FaithEvans & #Steebie took their love to the tattoo shop 👀😩 #TattItSoIKnowItsReal

Then Faith  showed off her own ink celebrating their union with their wedding date engraved above her collarbone: VII.XVII.MMXVIII. (Roman numbers for July 17, 2018).

You can view the boomerang video she posted on IG below:


The Newlyweds may have saved a bunch of money by marrying in a Las Vegas Hotel room, but they reportedly about to blow a lot of money to celebrate it. 

It is now reported that the couple is planning a wedding ceremony that will include those who might have felt left out of this new chapter of their life together.

According to reports, Stevie J and Faith Evans want to host it in Miami on a luxury 222-foot yacht. The Jordans were seen visiting a $40 million watercraft that boasts enough space to host up to 600 guests.

Allegedly, Faith & Stevie didn't ask for a budget when they toured the yacht, which could only mean that production for their rumored spin-off show, Faith & Stevie, is covering costs.

The couple reportedly sealed a deal with Mona Scott-Young for the new VH1 show  that may start airing by the end of the year!

The elephant in the room, though, is the Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta star hasn’t paid his taxes in three years per BOSSIP. The state of Georgia handed Stevie J not one, but two tax liens totaling $110,507.

The Georgia State Revenue Tax Commission contends that Stevie didn’t pay $17,423 in 2012, $33,491 in 2013 and $59,593 in 2014, according to the liens, which were obtained by BOSSIP.

Because Stevie has apparently ignored the alleged tax debts, they have accrued $13,251 in interest over the years.

This isn’t the first time that the reality star has faced money trouble. The father of five recently agreed to pay $1.3 million in restitution from child support for two of his kids. His lawyer told the judge in the case that he’d made a $25,000 payment toward the arrears and planned to use his reality show salary to pay down the debt.

Like their surprise wedding, we’re sure they'll address those reports in their own time.

What do you think of their marriage? Is it a publicity stunt or are they really head over heels in love?

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