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Evelyn Throws Big Shade At Tami & The Internet Can't Agree If She’s Being Real Or Petty

Fans of "Basketball Wives" already know that Evelyn Lozada and Tami Roman have been feuding for years, but Evelyn appears to be instigating things with her shady post on Instagram!

Evelyn shared a stunning photo of herself as she kicked back in a chair, holding a television remote in one hand and a cigarette in the other.

Lozada looks gorgeous in the image, but it's obvious she was sending a message to her co-star, Tami Roman.

The television in the photo is shown playing the infamous scene where Evelyn told Tami she had slept with her ex-husband, Kenny Anderson. Lozada captioned the photo, "JEALOUSY makes people tell the worst lies about you #TryAgain."

See the shading post: 

Evelyn is obviously suggesting that Tami makes up lies about her because she's still upset and jealous over Lozada hooking up with her ex.

Fans jumped into the comments section of the post to share their thoughts:

One person wrote, "Now I love Tami 'hood rat' Roman but I LOVE ME SOME EVE... and I’m starting to think the same thing...🤔🤔🤔 jealousy perhaps???"
Guccification 😎 Thank you @ms.foxyroxy @gucci

Another person commented, "Yasss!!!! I'm so #teamevelyn💅 see I'm not gon lie I understood both sides with Kenny situation. My thing is NOW, dont pretend to turn forgive me on camera, then shade me on social media or on a [expletive] comedic stage! I been peeped how fake Tami could be after Meeka Claxton [expletive]. Lied on the girl, then smacked her because she exposing the truth. Tami is a tacky hoodrat."

It's hard to believe that Tami and Evelyn were friends at the start of "Basketball Wives" years ago. They became pretty close during filming of the second season of the show. 

Tami previously said, "I felt like Evelyn and I had been around each other for six months of taping. We had shared a lot of moments, a lot of private situations."
Count on #TamiRoman to tell you how she REALLY feels! #BasketballWives
However, that friendship came to a screeching halt after Evelyn came clean about sleeping with Tami's ex-husband, Kenny Anderson.

The ladies got into a nasty argument and Evelyn told Tami the now-infamous line, "You were a non [expletive] factor." That comment led to Tami smacking Evelyn in the face. 

The relationship never recovered and Evelyn and Tami have been at odds on the current season of the show.

Tami took Jackie Christie's side when it came to Evelyn donating money to Takari Lee's injured son, who had been badly burned at daycare. Lozada felt Jackie wasn't stepping up to help her estranged daughter's child and made a donation to her GoFundMe account.

Tami made it clear she thought Evelyn had an ulterior motive by making the donation, which obviously rubbed Lozada the wrong way.  

What do you think of Evelyn's latest slam on Tami?

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