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‘Basketball Wives’ Star Evelyn Lozada Gathers Tami Roman & Jackie Christie Together On Twitter After Drama On Monday's Episode

There is no love lost between "Basketball Wives" stars Evelyn Lozada, Tami Roman, and Jackie Christie. Evelyn took to Twitter to throw shade at her co-stars following the latest episode of the show.

Lozada hopped on social media after the third episode of Season 7 aired, taking aim at the women on Twitter.

Tami still harbors resentment over Evelyn sleeping with her ex-husband, Kenny Anderson, even though they were separated when it happened. Roman got physical after hearing the news, with Lozada stating she was a “non-factor.”

“Well, you know, when you think you’re friends with somebody and you then find out they’ve slept with your ex-husband without telling you over a six month period, I think that’s when they can have one straight to the dome. And I didn’t feel any ways about giving it.”

Roman made it clear she was taking Jackie's side in the GoFundMe drama. Roman has not only shown support for Christie in her beef with Lozada, but also appeared to instigate some of the drama.

Tami suggested that Evelyn donated to the GoFundMe account for Jackie's grandson just for media attention. Fans will recall Jackie's estranged daughter, Ta’Kari Lee, started a GoFundMe page after her son was badly burned.

Tami said that Evelyn made the full donation of the amount requested after Ta’Kari had already reached her goal.

Roman also claims the donation came around the time Evelyn was considering her return to "Basketball Wives."

Evelyn called Tami out on Twitter, writing, "I was fine until the reunion! She sat up there and lied about the timeline."

During her confessional, Tami stated Evelyn should have known she could have addressed any issues with her. However, Lozada insists that's a big lie. 

Evelyn wrote, "LIES!!!!!!!!! Call you?!!!!! You sat up there and tried to play me."

Evelyn went on to address Tami’s previous comments about Evelyn sleeping with her ex-husband Kenny Anderson while they were still married. 

Lozada pointed out, "She filed in 98 I messed with dude in 1999 #TryAgain."

One fan didn't understand why Jackie was upset that Evelyn had donated to Ta'Kari's fund. "LOL! Let me know when u find out," Evelyn replied.

Evelyn also retweeted a post from a fan who shared a text message calling Jackie crazy and accusing Tami of being jealous of Evelyn’s growth compared to previous seasons of the series.

The drama between the ladies isn't dying down anytime soon. An extended trailer shared weeks ago shows Jennifer Williams telling Shaunie O'Neal that Evelyn slept with her ex.

It’s not clear which of Shaunie's exes Evelyn Lozada allegedly slept with, but her ex-husband is Shaquille O’Neal and she also dated "Straight Outta Compton" actor Marlon Yates. 

This could get very interesting!

“Basketball Wives” Season 7 airs Mondays at 9 / 8 PM CST on VH1.

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