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Report: Woman Arrested For Killing Friend And Kidnapping Her Newborn Baby After Suffering A Miscarriage

A Houston woman was arrested on Thursday after stabbing her friend to death, stealing her six-week-old baby girl, and trying to pass the child off as her own.

Carolina Flores, 33, was found fatally stabbed at an apartment complex on Goodson Road in the Greenspoint area of northeast Houston on Tuesday. Flores' newborn daughter, Shamali was nowhere to be found. 

The FBI and Equusearch joined Houston police to search for the missing infant on Wednesday. 

Miranda-Alvarez, 28, was arrested about 1 a.m. Thursday at the Woodscape Apartments on South Gessner. Police were in the complex and spotted a suspicious man and woman holding a baby, Police Chief Art Acevedo said. Authorities were able to determine the baby was Shamali Flores.

Police revealed it appeared the pair was attempting to leave with the baby, but they were taken into custody without incident. Miranda-Alvarez's boyfriend remains under investigation but has not charged with any crimes.

Police say the woman killed Flores and took her 6-week-old baby in order to cover up a miscarriage.  Miranda-Alvarez, who came to the United States five years ago, and became friends with the victim's brother.

Miranda-Alvarez had been expecting a baby in January but recently suffered a miscarriage. She didn't tell her family or boyfriend about the miscarriage. She pretended to have been at the hospital giving birth, telling everyone Shamali was her own baby.

Baby Shamali was taken to Texas Children's Hospital for an examination. Thankfully, the baby was healthy with no signs of abuse. 

During a press conference at HPD headquarters, Acevedo stated, "It was a joyous moment for all of us when we saw that little angel sitting there in that apartment. When you can find a silver lining in a tragedy as horrible as this, you have to take what you can get."

The little girl is now in the care of Texas Child Protective Services.

Police announced Thursday morning that Erica Miranda-Alvarez, 28, was charged with capital murder for the death of the little girl's mother.  

Miranda-Alvarez used scissors in the murder, according to police documents.

Acevedo says investigators are now working to piece together every aspect of the crime to not only get an arrest and a charge "but also a conviction."

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