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Lee Daniels Is Tired Of Mo'Nique Dragging Him, Tyler Perry & Oprah And Drags Her In New Interview — Video

Last year, Mo'Nique made headlines by blasting her former peers, including Oprah, Lee Daniels and Tyler Perry.

"I was not 'black-balled', I was 'white-balled' by some Black [expletive] who have no [expletive]. Thank you, Mr. Lee Daniels, thank you, Mr. Tyler Perry, thank you, Ms. Oprah Winfrey... ya'll can suck my [expletive] if I had one," she told a crowd at the time. "I know they about to say, 'Mo'Nique, you talk too [expletive] much', [but] it would kill me not to say the real [expletive]."

Well, Lee has opened up about the rift (as well as his feud with Damon Dash) in a new interview and it’s a doozy.

Yup—the famed director is speaking out about both instances.

During the sit-down chat on TMZ's Raq Rants, he first touched on recently being publicly confronted by Damon for a reason many felt was justified.

The Roc-A-Fella mogul said that Lee promised to try to get him on as an EP for a Richard Pryor biopic, along with 5 percent on backend profits, but Lee bailed on the project and didn't deliver on his promises to Dame. So, he decided to sue Lee for $5 million. 

He was recently spotted confronting Lee at a Diana Ross show at the Hollywood Bowl last week, informing him he's about to hit him with another lawsuit if he doesn't get paid soon. He previously sued Daniels in 2014 over an alleged loan that he never got back and this new one seems to have stemmed from a settlement agreement the pair struck in 2015.

"I looked him in the eyes, and I told him that you would get your investment back," Lee explained. "This Black man gave me money when nobody [would], not Disney, not Sony, not TriStar, not Paramount, not Warner Bros."

"I'm going to work out something for him to get it because I am in a position now to get it to him... I don't know if I would be successful if it weren't for him."

While all seems to be well between Lee and Damon, he explained that he feels very differently about Mo'Nique, whom he directed in Precious. “People are confusing the Damon Dash [situation], with the Mo’Nique [situation]” he stated.

After the interviewer told Lee he "gave Mo'Nique an award” (referencing the Academy Award she earned for her role in the film), Lee had an interesting retort.

"There's levels to that," he continued. "And for her to think that I could do anything but, I don't know, I don't, like, it ain't even worth the conversation. Like, she needs to shut up!"

But he "fought hard for her" to get the role and that she was paid the money she was owed for the budget he had for the film. In regards to her criticism of him, he called it disrespectful and "out of pocket."

"No one blackballed her. Mo'Nique blackballed [herself] and for her to continue to talk about Oprah and myself and Tyler [Perry] is disrespectful," he said, adding that the intimacy level they both experienced while working together was like "making love without [actually making love]"

#Repost @tmz_tv (@get_repost) ・・・ Lee Daniels wants no questions remaining on the table after he explains what went down with Mo’Nique. Head to Raq Rants on YouTube. 

Twitter users wasted no time in expressing their disgust over his comments, particularly in regards to his relationship with Mo'Nique. 

The veteran  comedienne/actress herself took to Instagram to reply to Lee Daniels saying she needs to “shut up”. 

Mo'Nique added, "Just like that lie can become the truth in 24-hours, they can make something up about your girl being difficult and demanding." 

She concluded with "The truth only goes away if we stop talking and y'all and I ain't gon' stop talking and Lee Daniels, you shut up."

Who do you think is in the right? 

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