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Keshia Knight Pulliam's Ex-Husband Ed Hartwell Gets Petty As He Pulls Bill Cosby Into Their Messy Custody Battle — Receipts Inside

This custody battle just went to a new level of pettiness…

Keisha Knight Pulliam and Ed Hartwell's divorce may be finalized, but their court battles are far from over. Hartwell is hoping for a new child custody trial of their 1-year-old daughter, claiming Keshia denied him visitation while supporting Bill Cosby during his recent legal troubles. 

Hartwell is demanding a new trial over custody of their daughter, Ella, insisting that the judge made errors when he awarded primary custody to Knight Pulliam. 

Keshia and Ed's divorce was finalized in late April, granted on grounds of adultery and cruel treatment. Pulliam was given primary custody at that time and Hartwell was ordered to pay his former wife $3,007 a month in child support.

Hartwell was also ordered not to take oxycodone or anti-depressants while driving with the child. The judge noted that Keshia had provided evidence showing Hartwell declined to exercise his visitation rights during most of his scheduled visitation.

In new court documents, Hartwell places the blame on Knight Pulliam for taking their daughter out of state during his scheduled visitation time, including a trip to show her support to Cosby during his trial.

Ed also claims that he was denied visitation with Ella on several other occasions, including Keshia's 8-week stint on "Celebrity Big Brother."

Hartwell claims Pulliam would change the visitation location when the mood struck her, making it very difficult for him to see their daughter. 

Hartwell is requesting a new child custody trial, asking for joint legal custody of his daughter. 

He pointed out that the final order issued by the court states allegations by Pulliam as fact, although her claims were not actually proven during the trial.

In the new filing, Hartwell also claims several witnesses came forward to testify that he was an excellent parent, especially when it came to caring for his son from a previous marriage. He stated that his former wife even provided an affidavit to the court.

Hartwell also stated that Knight Pulliam was a first time mother and is not as experienced. 

The former football star also clapped back at the claims on his medications. Hartwell claims there is no evidence proving the medicine he takes affects his decision-making skills. He adds that there was no evidence presented during the trial that proved his medication negatively impacts his ability to parent or to lead a responsible, productive life.

In addition, Hartwell also has a problem with the amount of child support awarded. Ed claims the judge determined the amount based on his ex-wife's monthly income of $8,765. He claims she actually brings in closer to $20k and is requesting the child support amount be lowered. 

Should Ed’s Payments be lowered? 

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