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Ed Hartwell Gushes Over Pregnant Mistress Amid Messy Custody Battle With Keshia Knight-Pulliam — Photos

Keshia Knight-Pulliam is probably livid after seeing her ex-husband gush over his alleged mistress and new baby mama, Tonya Carroll, on social media. The former couple are embroiled in a messy court battle, with Hartwell appearing to rub his happy new life in his ex-wife's face.

Keshia's fans know that the actress previously accused Ed of cheating on her with Tonya, his former fiancé.

Knight-Pulliam claimed that Hartwell was carrying on the affair before their divorce was finalized.

Hartwell remained relatively quiet about his relationship with Carroll until recently. He hopped on social media to show love to Tonya, who is pregnant with his child.

Check out Ed Hartwell's social media shout outs below:

Ed shared several photos of Tonya, writing in the caption, "My Baby, My Life, My Love, My True Queen #lifepartner #nothingwillbreakus #myrib #usandourbabies #EJCYLAHELLASEVYNN #foreverandalways #michasbeendropped."

My Baby, My Life, My Love, My True Queen #lifepartner #nothingwillbreakus #myrib #usandourbabies #EJCYLAHELLASEVYNN #foreverandalways #michasbeendropped

Fans called him out for flaunting his relationship, especially after doing Keshia dirty. 

One follower wrote, "I thought him and Lisa had the best life and then he married Rudy and she had a baby and he cheated on her and this chick was posting all kinds of pictures while he was married so what does that make her? I don’t care who don’t (sic) like my comments because when you put your entire life in the news guess what? I’m reading it and gonna say my opinion lol."

Another person weighed in, writing, "His page has been hacked y'all lol because there's no way he goes through an ugly divorce and custody battle with someone he claims to love and not being on here in months to being married again and saying she's his rib and all that!"

A third follower added, "You're a narcissist. Who does this type of [expletive]? Get up out of your feelings. You got no wins after all the [expletive] you have done. Advice for you... 1. delete your social media .2 Live your life on the low and 3 kill YASELF #teamkeisha."

Last month, Keshia filed court documents, requesting that Ed be responsible for paying her attorney fees, which total close to $100,000.

In the legal documents, Keshia stated, "As of the last billing cycle in her counsel’s office, Ms. Pulliam incurred ninety-four thousand, three hundred, twenty-three and 04/100 dollars ($94,323.40) in attorney fees and expenses of litigation through March 28, 2018… Mr. Hartwell should be ordered to pay all of Ms. Pulliam’s attorney fees and expenses of litigation incurred in this case…"

Keshia and Ed became engaged on New Year’s Eve 2015 after a few months of dating. The actress married the retired NFL player the following day. 

Knight Pulliam announced her pregnancy back in July of 2016, with Ed filing for divorce just a week later. 

Keshia later filed documents in their messy divorce where she claimed that Ed had been cheating on her and publicly flaunting his extra-marital relationship with Tonya Carroll on social media.

In January 2017, she gave birth to daughter, Ella Grace. In March 2018, the bitter divorce dispute went before the courts.

Keshia and Ed's divorce was finalized in late April, granted on grounds of adultery and cruel treatment. Pulliam was given primary custody at that time and Hartwell was ordered to pay his former wife $3,007 a month in child support.

Hartwell was also ordered not to take oxycodone or anti-depressants while driving with the child. The judge noted that Keshia had provided evidence showing Hartwell declined to exercise his visitation rights during most of his scheduled visitation.

Keshia accused her ex of only making approximately 20 of his 80 visits with their one-year-old daughter Ella Grace.

Hartwell is challenging the judge's decision and also has a problem with the amount of child support awarded. 

Ed claims the judge determined the amount based on his ex-wife's monthly income of $8,765. He claims she actually brings in closer to $20k and is requesting the child support amount be lowered. 

Do you think Ed is wrong for throwing his relationship with his former mistress in Keshia's face?

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