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Eazy-E's Daughter E.B. Wright Is Looking for Answers About Her Father's Death With New Documentary [VIDEO]

Eazy E's Family Raising Money For Documentary: Did Someone Inject Rapper With AIDS? [PHOTOS]

The family of Eazy E are fighting to be able to show the world a documentary on the late rapper's life. A crowdfunding documentary campaign was started in order to raise money to be able to share his story with fans. The rapper's late daughter, among others, believe he may have been murdered.

Eazy's daughter, Ebie Wright, started a campaign last month that just ended. She has now launched a second campaign.

Wright said of the documentary, "This project is going to happen one way or another! People want to know this story. It’s been requested, supported and anticipated by fans around the world for years and even more so after Straight Outta Compton the movie was released. You got 2 hours and 27 minutes of NWA in the movie, and now it’s time to hear Eazy’s side of things. Yes, his side through the people who loved him and know the truth!"

Wright, her mother Tracy Jernagin, and sister Erica have been working on the documentary for a decade now. They want to cover the rise and fall of his career, as well as the death of the beloved rapper. 

Wright states that the circumstances behind the rapper’s death were pretty sketchy. Erica noted that she believes he was murdered. The rapper secretly married and changed his will shortly before his death.

The family hope to raise $100,000 to be able to make the film. Erica said, "This has been the fight of our lives. Our father’s legacy was been ripped from us completely."

The family of the rapper are not the only ones that suspect foul play in Eazy's death. Suge Knight made claims in a 2003 interview that Eazy died after being injected with HIV-infected blood. Knight even detailed the rapper's death after a lethal injection of the virus. 

Eazy E’s son, Eric Wright, went on to accuse Suge of being the mastermind behind the murder of his father. 

Ruthless Records artist, Frost made similar claims in 2015, suggesting Eazy-E was infected with the virus during his acupuncture treatments.  Frost stated, "I think they really had a stronghold of giving him tainted needles with the AIDS virus in them through acupuncture, because how else could somebody die that fast of AIDS? Have you even heard of somebody dying in two weeks of AIDS bro? Come on, man. It’s unheard of, bro."

The family makes it clear that the documentary will not be about pointing fingers at anyone. They want to present the facts and have fans make their own minds about what they think happened.

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