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Watch: Dutchess Pulls Out Receipts And Exposes Ceaser, Sky & Fake Storylines on "Black Ink Crew" Via "The Breakfast Club"

Dutchess appeared on "The Breakfast Club" and aired out "Black Ink Crew" stars Ceaser and Sky for deceiving everyone.

The tattoo artist opened up about false storylines on the reality show and had proof to back up some of her claims.

Dutchess denied that Ceaser "gave" her Pretty in Ink and confirmed she had paid over $20,000 in child support for Ceaser during their relationship.

She also claimed that VH1 & the production company, Big Fish Entertainment, behind "Black Ink Crew" pressured her to marry Ceaser.

Dutchess appeared on the Breakfast Club this morning where she not only defended herself for interviewing Sky's oldest son, she also exposed Ceasar and revealed that the cast's homes are rented and the storylines are fake: #blackink #dutchess #ceaser #ceasarblackink #ceaseremanuel #skyy #skyblackinkcrew #thebreakfastclub #charlamagnethagod #angelayee #djenvy #blogger #vh1blackinkcrew

Duchess told the hosts of "The Breakfast Club" during her interview: "So… Anyone who knows me knows I am from the south and come from a two parent, married family. In order to get half of something, you have to marry the person. The first thing I did in season five was give the ring back [to Ceaser]. That means I have no intentions of wanting half, because I didn’t marry you! I would’ve married you and followed through with the plot that VH1 suggested, if I wanted half."

PART 1~ @dutchessofink brings receipts to the @breakfastclubam 👀

She continued, "Big Fish Productions kept pressuring me to set a date [to marry Ceaser]. But I’m like we’re not ready to get married, because there were things we need to do before. So [Big Fish] says y’all have to get married or break up."
PART 2 ~ @dutchessofink Brings Receipts To The @breakfastclubam 👀

Dutchess confirmed that Ceaser did cheat on her, but the other woman issued the show a cease and desist order to keep them from talking about her on the show.

Dutchess shared, "The girl that Ceaser cheated on me with, sends Big Fish along with Ceaser a Cease and Desist so they could not speak her name on the show. So they used Tiffany, who was a producer at the time, and had her sit in the car and fake-kiss Ceaser on camera as if she is the girl. Y’all are using producers as cast members when y’all are thirsty and can’t get a story."

Dutchess Tells Us What Really Happend With Ceaser Cheating. PART7 👀I Believe This Definitely The Way Dutch Tells It Is Comical 😢😢😢 (Repost - @thebreakfastclubpower105 )

Dutchess Tells Us What Really Happend With Ceaser Cheating. PART8 (Repost - @thebreakfastclubpower105 )
Dutchess had receipts showing she paid Caesar’s child support of $20k, also shooting down his claims that he gave her Pretty In Ink.

I’m thankful for all of It. The highs, the lows, the blessings, the lessons, the setbacks, the comebacks, the love & the hate. Everything! 👑

Dutchess put Sky on blast for her lies on the show about her child's father, having twins, and giving her sons up in order for them to have a better life. 

Dutchess Tells Us About The Interview That Happened In Her Shop With Skys Son. PART10 (Repost - @thebreakfastclubpower105 )

Dutchess revealed Sky's oldest son, Genesis, was in and out of jail and engaging in gang activities. The younger son struggled, but came out a little better. He plays high school football.
PART11 (Repost - @thebreakfastclubpower105 )

Sky's oldest son and his father previously revealed the reality star's lies in an interview

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