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Dutchess, Her Mom And Her Sister Expose Ceaser & ‘Black Ink Crew’ Producers After 'Breakfast Club' Shade

How scandalous.

While Dutchess will not be returning for the sixth season of “Black Ink Crew”, that doesn’t mean that she is going to go quietly into the distance.

Ceaser did the promotional rounds, dropping by for an interview with The Breakfast Club. He actually revealed that Dutchess tried to sue him for half of his worth!

Well, her sister and mother had some thoughts on this little tale. They also claimed that producers of the show fake storylines.

Hey, whatever oils the reality TV show machine, right?

During his on-air chitchat, Ceaser claimed that his business prowess was already established when he starting dating Dutchess…and she had no claim to anything.

Grateful for all of my blessings, happy Friday! 👑

“She thinks she could have half of my empire. I was already set when you got here. People get confused. Dutchess never made me.”

“At the end of the day, Dutchess found me in a magazine I was already in; Urban Ink. I was already set to be somebody in this tattoo industry.”

He stated that she demanded half ownership of his four current tattoo shops.
We got @ceaserblackink from #blackinccrew in the building
Before long, Dutchess’ sister Zandrea popped onto social media to refute Ceaser’s claims. Zandrea wrote that not only did Dutchess pay Ceaser’s bills, she paid his child support.

She then claimed that a “Black Ink Crew” producer wanted her to walk on the show to serve fake papers, because the lawsuit was never going to happen. It seems that everything Ceaser talked about might have been a plotline ploy?

She also called him a cheater and an abuser and explained that a happy person wouldn’t take the time to bash an ex.

“It’s crazy that y’all been broke for over a year and her name is still in your mouth”.

Okay, we agree in theory, but Dutchess may have just put out a diss track about him, so…?

Dutchess’ mom jumped in too, corroborating Zandrea’s statements, insisting they have “receipts” of Dutchess paying $25,000 of Ceaser’s child support; she believes Dutchess should sue him for the money he owes her.

Dutchess then hopped on Instagram to issue her own response to her ex. She posted "If you have to talk about someone in order to elevate yourself, you much not be very tall.

Good afternoon 👑
Ceaser opted to respond to Dutchess and her family on Instagram. He dubbed them liars, writing, “People lie religiously, we just ain't believers💯How did you’ll feel about my @breakfastclubam interview this morning ??😎#blackinkcrew #ceaserblackink #blackink”.

Someone should ask Karlie Redd to chime in, right?

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